Kashrut supervisor's hotel stay leaves something to chew over

A senior Tel Aviv kashrut supervisor has denied that there is anything wrong with his being given a free four-day stay at the hotel he was overseeing during the Pessah holiday, reports www.mynet.co.il. Although it is customary for kashrut supervisors at hotels to be given a modest room over Friday nights, in this case Tel Aviv religious council secretary and kashrut supervisor Doron Meiri was given two rooms for four days for himself, his wife and their children at the Marina Hotel, with all meals included, in addition to receiving a salary for his work. According to the report, not only did Meiri and his family enjoy a "particularly long weekend" at no expense at the hotel, but he brought two additional relatives along as guests to the hotel's Pessah seder. The report said the free stay was worth thousands of shekels. "This was in the framework of my job… I was a guest with my family only, as is usual in all hotels that have kashrut supervisors," Meiri said. Hotel manager Yohai Eisner initially denied that Meiri had stayed at the hotel at all, but then said he would check the matter. Later, hotel management issued a statement saying it "regards the activities of the supervisor with complete satisfaction, and considers his conduct correct, like all the supervisors at other hotels in Israel."