Top 10 earners make NIS 4.5m

Tel Aviv's deputy legal adviser, Shelly Weil, had a gross salary of NIS 42,000 per month.

The top 10 salary earners in the Tel Aviv municipality took home a massive total of NIS 4.5 million last year, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. At the top of the heap was the city's deputy legal adviser, Shelly Weil ,with a gross salary of NIS 42,000 per month, followed by city manager, Menahem Leibe, with just over NIS 40,000 per month. Others in the top 10 list made NIS 32,000 to NIS 40,000 per month. According to the report, back in 2004, the city's top 10 earners made a total of NIS 3.7 million, a rise of almost 20 percent in just three years. A municipal spokesman said the salaries were not high considering the demands of the job, the responsibilities involved and the number of employees each manager was overseeing. "If they were in the private market each one of them would be earning more," the spokesman said.