Baby, it's hot outside!

Catch the breeze, protect your eyes, cook light and don't forget to have fun

Shopping cart (Illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Shopping cart (Illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Don’t leave home without it!
The new Calming Lotion by Kamedis calms irritated skin after mosquito bites and other irritations. The product proved very useful only two days after I got it, when a frightened bee stung me while I was sitting on our porch. Luckily, I had the lotion at arm’s reach and applied it immediately. The result was amazing – the pain was relieved very quickly, the swelling was gone in a day, and the whole thing was forgotten in no time. We used it again when the mosquitoes flew in during the night and bit a child staying with us. Again the lotion proved very effective. I decided to always keep it at home and even more important when going on trips.
NIS 31.20
Vote for Freedome and Liberation
L’Oréal Paris, together with Balmain Paris, launched a collection of couture lipsticks in six iconic matte shades. The collection, added to L’Oréal’s Color Riche line, was created by Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director, introducing the fashion house’s beauty vision of a rock goddess. Choose from dark purple “Freedome,” dark brown “Power,” hot red “Domination,” deep purple “Liberation,” trendy peach “Confession” or the natural Safari.
NIS 55
Melt the day off easily
When all you want is to crash in bed after a long day, cleaning your skin properly can be tedious. Clinique introduces a 2 in 1 Micellar cleansing gel, which is also a light makeup remover, that shortens the time you’ll need to do it. The new cleanser leaves no traces and does not need to be washed off with water. The cleanser hydrating agents, such as hyaluronate sodium, cucumber essences rich in vitamins A and C, trehalose (which attracts and absorbs hydration), and a natural-base lotion, mean it not only cleans but also nourishes the skin. The gel turns into liquid when it touches the skin. Great product that will not spill in your handbag.
NIS 109
Treat yourself to CO2
Gigi’s new Carboxy Therapy facial, offers a safe and potent treatment that improves the oxygen content in the skin, while giving a boost to the skin’s metabolism, thus improving its renewal and rehabilitation processes. According to the company’s experts, Carboxy Therapy is considered to be one of the safest and most potent treatments in cosmetics, used for treatment of side effects of diabetes and psoriasis. The new treatment uses high-concentration CO2 that penetrates the skin, improving the blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and boosting the fibroblastic and collagen production in the skin. Putting all the complicated words aside – our tester said that the treatment was very relaxing and effective, and her skin looked smooth and refreshed after it. For lasting results you’ll need a series of treatments, depending on your condition.
NIS 350 to NIS 500 for a 60-minute treatment. For a licensed beautician near you call (03) 925-8888.
Powder your nose
Remember how once women used to excuse themselves from the dinner table to “powder their noses”? Well the trend of matte skin is still one of the strongest, especially in the summer, and the new powders by L’Oréal Paris, do the job excellently.  The new generation of mineral powders, launched in L’Oréal’s True Match line, come in four skin shades as well as transparent powder, and all of them will fix the makeup and provide a matte look that will last for hours. Thanks to natural mineral ingredients, the powder is light weight and suits very sensitive skins, with no talc, alcohol or scents.
NIS 75
Spray on the mist
La Roche-Posay added a new and very useful sun screen – a refreshing transparent facial spray screen with SPF 50. The Anthelios Invisible Fresh Mist can be sprayed on make up throughout the day when needed, it absorbs quickly and has a matte finish. Excellent when you are out and about. Spray evenly on face from a distance of about 15 cm. keep eyes and mouth closed.
NIS 99
Available in private pharmacies, Maccabi, Leumit and Meuhedet pharmacies.
Protect your eyes
For the first time ever, and I am speaking as a short-sighted person, people who need eye glasses will have an advantage over those who do not, thanks to Zeiss’s new UV-protection clear lenses. Do you feel that your eyes are protected when you are driving or walking outside? Think again. UV radiation is always present. All year round, all day, in winter and summer, in sunny and even overcast conditions. And as we all know by now, prolonged UV exposure poses serious health risks not only to our skin but it is very harmful to the eyes and the surrounding tissue.
Those of us who are aware of the dangers of UV radiation try to stay away from direct sunlight during the hot hours, especially in the summer. We wear hats, apply sunscreens  and stay in the shade. But we really don’t have a lot of options when it comes to protecting our eyes against harmful UV rays. While quality sunglasses do provide protection, depending on the quality of the lenses, studies show that only one person in four consistently wears sunglasses when outdoors (not to say anything about children). And most clear lenses only offer very partial, if any, UV protection.
Zeiss has recently announced a new standard of care by offering sunglass-level UV protection in all of the company’s lenses. That’s full UV protection up to 400 nanometers, the level recommended by the World Health Organization, and provided in premium sunglasses. As of now, all clear Zeiss lenses provide full protection against UV rays up to 400 nanometers, going well beyond the current industry standard of 380 nm. And while the “gap” between 380 and 400 nm.  may not sound like much, the company’s experts claim that it does in fact account for 40% of total solar UV radiation that reaches our eyes and eyelids.
In a recent presentation in Israel, Zeiss’s deputy CEO said that while a UV AR coating provides slight protection from UV, it is only from reflections off the back surface of the lens (think driving at sun-set, when the sun is in your eyes). In fact, up to 95% of UV radiation comes directly through the front of the lens. This means so-called back UV coatings block only a very small portion of UV rays.
We predict that while now only Zeiss sells the clear lenses with full UV protection, it will soon become the new standard.
The new Zeiss lenses are available at private optometrists. 
Make a masquerade
Tissue masks have become the trend in beauty care. What they are really is a new way to make sure that the mask is spread evenly and gives the skin a boost of hydrating and nourishing ingredients without spilling or staining. Now Garnier has joined the trend launching three different masks, each based on a unique herbal ingredient. The green mask for normal to mixed skin, with essence of tea leaves for fresh and clean feel, the pink mask for sensitive and dry skin with relaxing floral essences and the blue mask for dehydrated skin with nourishing pomegranate essences. So call a couple of friends and have a mask party.
NIS 12.90
Eat Italian-style
Have you found yourself munching in front of the TV during the World Cup games? If you look for something different to place on the coffee table, try the new Skinny Thins Italian crispy crackers. The crackers are imported to Israel by Diplomat as part of a new section called the Italian Line. The baked crackers come in three flavors – with chia seeds, traditional and with onion and cheese. Spread the crackers with the new dried tomato pesto with Grana Padano cheese, also imported by Diplomat, which makes a fantastic shortcut for sandwiches, pasta dishes and fish.
Catch the cooling breeze
Bacardi Breezer has launched a new flavor – strawberry – that joins the beloved flavors: watermelon, lemon, pineapple and lime. The Bacardi Breezer is a sparkling rum cocktail, which has become very popular around the world. The new flavor will certainly be a hit among those who like their alcohol chilled, refreshing and sweet. Perfect.
NIS 10 to NIS 13.90
Stir things up
Asian cuisine is here to stay, and for good reasons – it is tasty, fresh and perfect when you don’t want to spend too much time in the hot kitchen. Osem has now joined the Asian trend, launching its new Asian line, which includes sauces for stir fry, hot sauces and green curry sauce, as well as rice noodles and egg noodles in several flavors and shapes.
Think outside the can
Starkist tuna really thought outside the can, launching a completely new idea – the same tuna but with less oil and packed in a soft pouch instead of a can. The new pack is thin, contains 400 gr. of tuna, is easy to carry in the picnic basket and because the oil is already strained, it equals three cans! Just open (easy) and pour over cut vegetables for a healthful nutritious meal. No need to refrigerate, this is the new must in my pantry.
NIS 17.90
Try white “pillows”
Called a cereal, Kariot are really a sweet snack loved by kids and grownups alike. The new flavor – filled with white chocolate – is very sweet and we even served it instead of cookies with coffee.