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Geneva nuclear talks diplomats in line 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse)
Geneva nuclear talks diplomats in line 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse)
Splitting the Aksa Mosque between Muslims and Jews, in an attempt to control it Al-Ahram, Cairo, November 25
Jerusalem is on its way to being lost – that is, if it wasn’t already – and al-Aksa Mosque is in the process of division, while the Arabs are busy with their internal political struggles. Those were the feelings and fears of the journalists attending the last emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers. While everyone was busy talking about the Syrian developments, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Maliki surprised the meeting when he talked about the situation of Jerusalem. Maliki was in pain, describing the Zionist plans to Judaize Jerusalem and control the Aksa Mosque. Some of the facts he showed were the Israeli plans to build 5,000 settler units in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, as well as four major settlements in east Jerusalem, the immediate action to build a Jewish center near al-Aksa Mosque, and the establishment of a national biblical park on the slopes of Mount Scopus, north of the mosque and the Old City.
The deluge of lies Al-Hayat, London, November 23
If the lies of Israel and the American pro-Likud gang of war and evil had been made of water, the world would have witnessed a deluge greater than that seen by Noah, writes Jihad al-Khazen. The second round of negotiations in Geneva keeps stumbling then rising, only to stumble again. These negotiations are surrounded by a sea of lies with well-known sources and causes. For example, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, said Iran possesses enough enriched uranium to produce a nuclear bomb within weeks, which all experts agree is nonsense. I don’t believe that Israel is capable of launching an effective military strike against Iran, but why would the US strike Iran while the latter poses no threat to it? Israel’s supporters want the US to strike Iran on behalf of the Jewish state, even if this would result in a regional war primarily affecting the American interests. But when it comes to telling lies, Netanyahu is the best. However, he failed to attract American public opinion, with 64 percent of Americans opposing a US strike against Iran, and only 30% supporting it.How Israel turned the Aksa Mosque into a museum Al Jazeera, Doha, November 25
While the Arabs are preoccupied with their internal problems and the Palestinians are divided, Israel is moving forward in Judaizing al-Aksa Mosque by turning it into a museum through excavations. A report on Israeli television showed the opening of the museum under the mosque, after drilling and digging revealed the history of civilizations for thousands of years to be a popular destination for tourists. Jews try to make all the history of the Middle East and Jerusalem about them, their existence or the existence of a Jewish synagogue.
In this way, they are converting the site into an underground museum under the auspices of the Antiquities Authority and the Jerusalem Municipality.
The report showed pictures of houses that cost millions of shekels to be restored and processed as a part of the museum, to replace the hotels and be a destination for tourists overlooking the Aksa Mosque. Palestinian Foreign Minister Maliki warned in a press interview of the dangers of Judaizing Jerusalem.
The Israeli nukes Dar al-Khaleej, Abu Dhabi, November 25
The P5+1 countries’ deal with Iran on the nuclear issue is a major challenge for Israel. It has worked in order to reassure itself and the world that Iran will not develop a nuclear military potential. US Secretary of State John Kerry has confirmed that this agreement ensures the security of Israel as well. The Jewish state’s security seems to be the most important thing for the American administration. However, what about the security of Arabs and countries that do not agree with the Israeli occupation of Palestine? How can the Arab countries be secure next to an entity asserting that it has enormous nuclear military capabilities? The Israeli nuclear program has been on the table at the UN for several decades and nothing was done about it, because the Western countries, particularly the US, would block any rational attempt to discuss it. The Arab countries now have a stronger argument against Israeli nuclear weapons, and the Western countries have become exposed and will lose if they continue to defend falsehood.
New Muslim matchmaking website attracts hipsters Al-Arabiya, Dubai, November 26
When young Muslims in America found the usual matrimonial sites too traditional, Hipster Shaadi offered a difference. The new matchmaking site, launched last month, is becoming the talk of the new generation of Muslim Americans. The website says, “Want someone who has a social mind, loves to study Islamic tradition, is open-minded and loves to bake and talk about art and fashion? Well, you haven’t met our bold, humble and feminist brothers!” The site’s founders, Shereen Nourollahi and Humaira Mubeen, started the website after recognizing the large gap between parents’ expectations and the younger generation’s needs regarding marriage. As many young American Muslims have an Islamic identity, the site aims to help its users meet their other half with whom they share common interests. Humor was a part of some peoples’ proposals, with one male user’s profile stating that a potential partner should be “halal [allowed] in the streets but haram [forbidden] in the sheets.”