Questionaire: Imagine

Head of Nazareth Hospital says his passion for work and for giving gets him out of bed in the morning.

Bishara Bisharat 521 (photo credit: Courtesy/Nazareth Hospital)
Bishara Bisharat 521
(photo credit: Courtesy/Nazareth Hospital)
Bishara BisharatAge: 59Profession: Physician, head of Nazareth HospitalPlace of birth: NazarethCurrent residence: Nazareth
■ What gets you out of bed in the morning?
My passion for work and for giving.
■ What keeps you up at night?
My imagination.
■ What's the most difficult professional moment you've faced so far?
Resuscitating a one-year-old child in the field who was hurt in a road accident. The child was sent to Rambam Medical Center ventilated. Seventeen years later he showed up for a routine medical check-up at my clinic.
■ How do you celebrate your achievements?
By thanking the people who helped make the achievement possible.
■ If you were prime minister, what’s the first thing you would do?
To reconcile with, and ask for forgiveness, from Turkey.
■ Which Israeli should have a movie made about him/her?
Shimon Peres.
■ What would you change about Israelis if you could?
They would be more tolerant.
■ iPad, BlackBerry or pen and paper?
Pen and paper.
■ If you had to write an advertisement to entice tourists to come to Israel, what would it say?
Come to the Holy Land: As Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee, you are invited to float on the Dead Sea.
■ What is the most serious problem facing the country?
The country has constant traffic jams.
■ How can it be solved?
Trains, trains, trains all over the country – and a subway in the big cities.
■ In 20 years, the country will be:
A technology incubator in a global community that promotes advancement.