Fresh ideas and trends for spring

In a dire need of change, and just in time for spring, we looked for answers and here are a few new products that offer quick solutions to nagging problems.

M.A.C. lipstick shades (photo credit: PR)
M.A.C. lipstick shades
(photo credit: PR)
Ever wondered how all the models suddenly have amazing high cheekbones? How news anchors seem to have no sagging double chins? Dying to hide the gray roots between visits to the hair salon? In a dire need of change, and just in time for spring, we looked for answers and here are a few new products that offer quick solutions to nagging problems.
What do colors smell like?
Ever wondered what the color green smells like? My guess would be most people will say “herbal” or think of the smell of pine trees. Blue may make you think of sea breeze or mint, but how does a shade of red called “Lady Danger” smell? Or “Crème d’Nude”? M.A.C. decided to match the company’s most popular lipstick shades with a collection of scents. So to answer the question: Lady Danger (coral red) was matched with a scent containing the smells of wild cherry and Ruby Woo (what is that?), while the lipstick called Crème d’Nude (light beige peach color), was matched with a scent of amber musk, and “Velvet Teddy” (dark beige) smells like wild honey. Fun! NIS 101
Suffering from sparse eye brows with the odd wild-growing white hair, I am always amazed at how models seem to be able to instantly grow thick and beautiful eyebrows in time for changing trends. The current trend seems to be thick and dark eyebrows. And it is not only models that have them anymore, but everybody, including some politicians (without going into specifics).
Eyebrow specialist Dorit Gabot (yes, this is what she calls herself, gabot meaning eyebrows in Hebrew), says this product is for those with white brow hairs (that grow wild in all directions), and those with very sparse or light-colored eyebrows, helping them to avoid the need for frequent dyeing in the beauty salon.
Application: Draw the brow arch and tail with the conical felt tip.
Style and fix the brow with the bristle brush. The powder-to-cream texture makes achieving a natural-looking brow easier. Available in two shades – blonde and brunette. NIS 80
The Midas touch
Remember how the villain in the James Bond movie Goldfinger kills a traitorous secretary by painting her entire body gold? In the film, Bond explained that the skin breathes and covering all of the skin will choke off the oxygen, resulting in death by suffocation. I believed it for many years, as did many others, but of course we were wrong. Apparently painting the face with gold will not result in death but rather in a radiant and glowing face. Well, at least that’s what Casmara’s Gold Sensation 24k beauty treatment wants us to think.
The treatment starts with deep cleansing with antioxidant gel containing avocado and another gel containing copper and sulfur, followed by serum containing vitamins, seaweed essence and minerals, followed by a facial cream enriched with proteins, minerals and vitamins, and ending with a peel-off active mask containing 24K gold. Available in all Yullia branches. NIS 550
Shape up
Most makeup trends start at fashion photo studios. There, photographers and makeup artists strive to turn their models into goddesses, hide flaws and change their looks. The trends then move on to fashion shows and red-carpet events and by that time the big makeup companies pick them up and translate the ideas into products that can be marketed to the masses. Such was the idea of “sculpting” and “highlighting” the face. Used by TV makeup artists who need to hide sagging double chins, and for fashion shoots, the basic idea is to create the illusion of higher cheekbones and a narrower face by using both dark and light tones over the foundation.
Different makeup companies have launched an array of products, both in creams and powders for this purpose, and now Maybelline has added a new and compact “Master Sculpt V Shape stick” that is easy to use and carry in the makeup bag. To learn how to use the sculpting tricks look for YouTube videos and play with it at home, but make sure not to leave home before you blend the darker and lighter shades, otherwise you may end up looking as if you participated in a fist fight… The stick comes in three shades NIS 75, launch price NIS 35
Quick cover-up
Gray roots that sometimes appear only days after dyeing the hair, are very annoying. One simply cannot go to the hairdresser every other week. There have been products that tried to solve the problem but most were either ineffective, too expensive or ended up coloring the pillow at night.
A new spray by L’Oreal Paris called “Magic Retouch” seems to be a great solution. It comes as a spray, and all the reviews about the product online were very positive.
There are five shades – blond, beige blond, light brown, brown and black – for optimal matching and blending with hair color. Use on dry, clean hair after styling. The product lasts until you wash it off, but some reviews said that it stayed even after one wash. There are up to 30 uses in each spray container. NIS 45-50
Wipe away
I admit, I really like the Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil by Garnier; it easily removes all waterproof durable makeup and mascara, and it does so gently, without rubbing, leaving the face relaxed and clean. I know I sound like an advertisement, but having an aging sensitized skin, these things really matter to me.
According to the company the product contains water – which captures the dirt, and the oils (including Argan oil) help to melt and remove the dirt gently.
NIS 60, launch price during March NIS 30