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A roundup of new publications for those interested in learning about Israeli wines and wineries.

winery 311 (photo credit: MCT)
winery 311
(photo credit: MCT)
Wine lovers know that wine is not only a beverage to drink, but also something to both read and talk about. Fortunately there have never been so many books in English about Israeli wine and many are currently available in Israel. The best of the recommended books are as follows:
The new Rogov’s Guide 2011 has just been released. This year it is in a new format, in a sleeve comprising a boxed set of two books. The first is Rogov’s Guide To Israeli Wines 2011. This is a very comprehensive pocket wine guide describing 221 wineries and their wines, each with extensive tasting notes by Israel’s No. 1 wine critic, Daniel Rogov. This is the seventh edition of this annual guide.
The second book is Rogov’s Guide To World Kosher Wines 2011. This is a window into kosher wines from around the world. Anyone visiting wine shops in New York, Paris or London will constantly be surprised at the number of kosher wines there are. This guide covers 750 kosher wines from 14 countries! This is the second year this guide has been published.
Rogov’s Guides 2011 are recommended for anyone who wishes to stay in touch with the fast-changing Israeli and kosher wine worlds. They are published by Toby Press, The cost of the boxed set of two books is NIS 149.
This year, for the first time, Rogov’s Guide To Israeli Wines 2011 is also being published in Hebrew. Daniel Rogov will be launching this at The Center for Wine Culture at Carmel Winery (Rehov Hayekev, Zichron Ya’acov) on Friday January 14, from 10 a.m. Visitors are invited to participate in a “Conversation with Rogov,” to enjoy a tasting of Carmel and Yatir wines, and an opportunity to have the book signed. The cost is NIS 100, including a copy of Rogov’s Guide To Israeli Wines in Hebrew. Those wishing to register should contact The regular cost of Rogov’s Guide To Israeli Wines 2011 in Hebrew is NIS 129.
The Wine Route of Israel is a coffee-table book listing more than 90 wineries situated all over Israel. They are listed geographically with maps. This is a perfect gift and ideal to accompany the wine tourist on a visit to the country’s various wine regions. The book is available at Steimatzky and many winery shops. However, Cordinata, the publisher, is offering a special price to Jerusalem Post readers of NIS 100, instead of the usual NIS 149, including VAT and shipping within Israel. Contact the publishers direct for details. Cordinata’s telephone number is 050-569-3777; e-mail:
The Bible of Israeli Wine was Israel’s first serious wine book in English. It came out in 2002. Though out of date with regard to wineries, it provides a good background to the industry, which is still relevant. It was written by ex-El Al pilot and wine expert Michael Ben Joseph. Published by Modan Publishing House. Price at Tzomet Sfarim: NIS 171.
Other books available in Israel with good coverage of Israeli wine are:
Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2011. This book makes comments about 30 Israeli wineries with ratings. Hugh Johnson is the world’s finest wine writer and his Pocket Wine Book is the world’s largest-selling wine book. It is an annually published mini wine encyclopedia, recommended as a first reference book for all wine lovers. Published by Mitchell Beazley. Price at Steimatzky: NIS 89.
Robert Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide No. 7. The latest edition of this book was published in 2008. It gives a view of the world’s best wine regions, wineries and wines, along with Robert Parker’s extensive tasting notes. Parker is the world’s most influential wine critic. No fewer than nine pages are devoted to Israel; the first time has he has covered Israel so extensively. Published by Simon & Schuster. Price at Steimatzky: NIS 189.
The Book of New Israeli Food is a beautifully illustrated book with wonderful original photographs. It has recipes for those who want to sample Israeli cuisine, and makes an ideal gift. Apart from a culinary snapshot of Israel, it contains a comprehensive explanatory chapter on Israeli wine. This is the choice for those who prefer their wine with food. Published by Al Hashulchan. Price at Steimatzky: NIS 149.
Wine Opus is a magnificent new coffee-table book. It says on the back cover: “This is a new look at a new world of wine from a new generation of wine writers.” It contains 800 pages covering every country and two of them are about Israel. It is both interesting and encouraging to see how Israeli wine is regarded by independent experts. The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs of vineyards, wineries and wines. This is the present for the wine lover who tells you that they have all the wine books they need. It is a great addition to anyone’s library. Published by Dorling Kindersley. Price at Steimatzky: NIS 380.
Adam Montefiore works for Carmel Winery and regularly writes about wine for both Israeli and international publications.