STARCATCHER: Astrology for the week of May 28, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: New, different, surprising, exciting, action…these are just some of the words to describe what’s on the horizon as Uranus moves from Pisces into Aries this week. Hang on; it’s going to be a very interesting ride!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GEMINI---AIRMAY 21-JUNE 21Always ready to add new names to your little book, you are ready for a fresh relationship. In the meantime, you may suddenly decide to cull your list to weed out friends who are no longer part of your inner sanctum. Be prepared for the fallout. At home, things are finally moving forward as, once again, you feel in control. HINT: The less you rely on others, the better.
The time has come for you to jump-start your career; make the fewnecessary changes you have been considering and to believe in yourself.Things seem to be moving slowly, but the important word is ‘moving’.Trust in yourself and take charge. Time spent with a Virgo has not beennearly as productive as you had imagined. Cut your losses and move on.HINT: By the middle portion of this week you may feel the need tohibernate for a few days…go for it!
JULY 23-August 22
You may find it difficult taking orders or following instructions thisweek. Take a step back and use the time to get a better perspective onthings. A mini-vacation may be all that is needed. Money continues tobe important issue, and for the time being, you need to watch yourspending. Financially, things may not be as you had hoped, but they arefar better than you feared. HINT: When asked your opinion, don’thesitate to be honest.
For quite some time now you have had the feeling that something orsomeone has been holding you back from achieving the success you haddreamed of. Take some time this week to re-evaluate the situation andyou will be amazed to note just how far you really have advanced andhow much you have already accomplished. It may not be exactly as youwould have wished—but it is what you need. HINT: Be patient with awater sign—or you may lose them.
For the past few months you have been concentrating on your successesand failures and contemplating your next move. The time has finallyarrived when you can safely take the first step. Soon you will feelmuch more in control of your life and things will begin to ease upfinancially. Today you are much more aware of what you need and whatyou need to get rid of.  HINT: Before saying ‘yes’ to a partner and/ormate sift through your options and see if you are genuinely in favor oftheir plan, or simply trying to avoid tension.
You begin to focus your energy on work and this is a perfect week tobegin something new, to start working on a project that has been onyour mind for a long time, or for adding something different to yourresume. When in doubt, trust your intuition and don’t hesitate to askadvice from someone you sincerely trust. HINT: A difficult relationshipis about to change for the better and it will be up to you to decidewhether or not you are still interested.
This week you will have to take a long, hard look at your attitudetowards work and the people you come into contact with daily. Youcontinue to put in extra hours yet not everyone appreciates youreffort. In the weeks to come you will have the opportunity to make afew, quick changes which will have a major impact. Your good nameprecedes you, so don’t worry. HINT: Take some time off to spend withfamily and close friends.
You have been so busy lately, that you haven’t had much time to simplysit back and enjoy a quiet moment at home. In the weeks to come thatwill be remedied as all the major work will be done, and once again youcan begin planning for your future. The time has come for you to beginsocializing once again, so go out and mingle. HINT: Although you maynot have the money or the time for a major vacation this summer, but,you can, however, begin planning some short little trips which willaccomplish nearly as much.
This week you will finally discover that you have more free time foryourself which will afford you a perfect opportunity to sit back andenjoy your home, your family and friends. Although you feel the needfor change, it is not the time to throw caution to the wind, and if youare not one hundred per cent certain, then hold off a bit beforecommitting yourself. HINT: The path you are on is not the one youdreamed of, but, if you will be patient for just a little longer, youwill be pleased to discover that it actually suits you.
Your attention now turns to money and money-making ideas, as you feelthe need to take more control of your life. For much too long, you havebeen putting your own needs aside in order to placate the people aroundyou. All that will soon change as you begin to make your move. This isa time whereby you will feel a need to define your relationships andfocus on the people who can help you progress professionally. HINT: Aconversation with an earth sign will be much more interesting than youanticipated.
This is the week for you to begin taking control of your life and formaking the changes needed in order to attain your goals. You know whoyou can rely on and you know who you can trust. The rest is up to you.When dealing with an older member of your family stay calm and listenrather than speak. Professionally, things are finally moving in theright direction. HINT: You have a lot more in common with a Cancer thanyou think.
This is the time for you to remember that the glass is really halffull. Count your blessings and trust in yourself. Change is on the way,and although you really are a nester and do not particularly relishchange, it will be good for you. This is a good week for getting thingsdone; for communicating with people you trust and for untanglingproblems which have stymied you in the past. HINT: Even though you arenaturally independent, there is no harm in asking someone you love andtrust for a helping hand.