To celebrate the nation's 60th anniversary, many companies are coming out with special editions of their most popular products.

old elite 88 (photo credit: Courtesy )
old elite 88
(photo credit: Courtesy )
To celebrate the nation's 60th anniversary, many companies are coming out with special editions of their most popular products illustrated with nostalgic pictures intended to raise associations with the good ol' days of the "beautiful land of Israel." Tnuva milk cartons are illustrated with pictures of their old classic ads showing a little boy drinking milk out of a bottle with a straw. Etz Hazayit bottles of olive oil also come with a retro-style illustration of a pioneering boy and girl holding an Israeli flag. Prigat orange juice bottles have a drawing of a girl with a basket of oranges and wearing a hat with the word "Jaffa" back when the fruit really came from groves there. Elite has small chocolates and chocolate bars illustrated with old-fashioned pictures of dating from the '60s and '70s, as well as a nicely decorated tin filled with Alma chewing gum. Goldstar beer has a special edition of a six-pack of dark lager, showing six different labels, from the 1950s until 2000. Of Tov is bringing back its hot dogs called "Miss Lucy," named after a character from the US TV series Dallas that was popular here in the '80s for a limited period. Strauss has two new additions to its cream cheese with fruit desserts: with peach and with pineapple, both containing 2.5 percent fat. The peach is yummy, the pineapple was judged a little too watery; a four-pack is NIS 14.49. Feldman ice cream presents some new flavors for this summer in the Bellissimo series: vanilla with sweetened citrus fruit, peanuts and chocolate syrup, tiramisu, caramel with cookies and a very refreshing strawberry and passion-fruit sherbet. A 1.3-liter container is NIS 21.90. Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise is now available here, containing natural ingredients (eggs, oil and vinegar), at the introductory price of NIS 9.90 a jar. Olive oil by Pereg comes in a nicely designed bottle made of dark glass to prevent light from spoiling the oil. A 750 ml. bottle of this extra-virgin olive oil is NIS 49.90; it is available in Pereg stores and selected supermarkets. Stumbras is a vodka from Lithuania, with grains (wheat and rye) inside the bottle that give it a special flavor. The two varieties of the Stumbras Century vodka, the wheat based and the rye based, are NIS 38 for a 700 ml. bottle. The vodka is 40 percent alcohol. Aqua Nova, distilled water with added minerals, now markets a six-pack of 0.5-liter bottles with a separate screw-on nipple that can be attached to the bottle, so that toddlers can easily drink from them. The six-pack is NIS 14.