Lookin’ good

Want to try your hand at Victoria Beckham’s makeup, pamper your hair with North African oils or cook like the Italians? Take advantage of the new products and services offered in November.

Cosmetics  (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
Green fingers
The Chic nail polish brand has launched a line of ecological water-based nail polishes that contain no acetone or synthetic ingredients. Enriched with natural pigments, the “green” line includes 23 shades, in which chemicals are replaced with water. The odorless formula contains mineral pigments such as Bentonite, a mineral that becomes gel-like when it comes in contact with water. For a shiny result, Chic suggests using the Top & Base from the same line.
NIS 15. Available at pharmacies and perfumeries.
Cosmetic cover-up
Bobbi Brown’s new Instant Full Cover Concealer covers dark circles in one step. The concealer, which is highly concentrated and rich in pigments, lightens circles under the eyes and softens tired lines in an instant. With 12-hour wear, this concealer doesn’t smooth on like other products, so you need to prep the area, using a hydrating eye cream. Then, using the tip of the applicator, dot the concealer under the eye and blend (a little goes a long way for a well-rested look). Thanks to the new Triple Matrix technology, the concealer covers dark circles completely, yet is lightweight and creates a smooth, wrinkle- free look that doesn’t require setting powder. Use also as a touch-up on other areas of the face. With 15 shades to choose from, you can find one that matches your skin tone perfectly.
NIS 175.
Blend it like Beckham
Victoria Beckham has launched her second limited-edition makeup collection in conjunction with Estée Lauder. Reportedly, the last time Beckham’s collection hit the stores in Israel, it sold out within 48 hours. The new collection has a “wet” finish, with metallic liquid shades. The alluring collection includes Morning Aura illuminating cream with micro pearls (NIS 550); Modern Mercury highlighter (NIS 400); Java Sun bronzer (NIS 400); Skin Perfecting Powder (NIS 250); Honey Aura Gloss for the face (NIS 180); and Blonde Mink cream for the cheeks and lips (NIS 225). Also in the collection are mascaras and eye shadows, as well as lip pencils, lipsticks and lip glosses.
Available at Estée Lauder shops.
Take care of your hair
Argan oil is produced from the nut inside the fruit of the Argan tree native to North Africa. The oil is rich in vitamins A, C and E and loaded with antioxidants, linoleic acid and omega- 6 fatty acids. In Israel, the international hair-care brand Farcom Professional recently launched the new Argan oilbased shampoo and mask for dry and damaged hair, perfect for this time of year when the hair needs to recover from the summer and before winter hits us with its even more damaging effects. Excellent for both men and women, the products are available at hair salons around the country.
Shampoo NIS 60. Hair mask NIS 80.
Hydration on demand
If your skin is feeling dry, it means it’s time to use a richer, more nourishing body lotion. Sometimes regular body lotions are not enough, and you need to use other products, such as Flexitol body lotion distributed by Altman.
Flexitol specializes in products for sensitive dry skin. The lotion contains Xeradin, an active ingredient that effectively moisturizes the skin, increasing hydration by 50% for 24 hours.
NIS 64.90 for 250 ml.
Instead of Botox
A new serum by the Verner Clinic was produced under the supervision of Dr. Ines Verner, a dermatologist and president of the European Escad union for surgical dermatology.
The serum was designed to combat signs of aging and loss of hydration and elasticity. The company claims that the serum can repair damage and treat the skin while making it firmer, thanks to a high concentration of peptides which promote collagen, as well as argireline, a synthetic anti-wrinkle peptide that is a substrate of Botulinum toxin, which works very much like Botox, rendering a tightening effect.
NIS 245. Available at www.vernerclinic.com or by phone (03) 635-3183.
The Royal treatment
Ronit Raphael beauty centers recently launched Intense Royal, a treatment designed for brightening and tightening the skin, which is perfect for this time of year.
Recommended for men and women over 35, the treatment is based on a combination of technologies. Special refining equipment brightens pigmentation, used together with peeling acids; and radio waves are used to tighten the skin while promoting the production of elastin and collagen. The result is skin that looks radiant even after only one treatment; but for longer-lasting effects, the experts at Ronit Raphael recommend a series of five treatments.
NIS 1,290 for one treatment.
The sweet smell of youth
The new Lady Speedstick Teen Spirit deodorants provide a solution for young girls.
According to the company, the demand for cosmetic products among girls aged nine to 15 is growing. The new line offers long-lasting deodorants with scents that girls like, such as Strawberry and Pink Crush floral scent. Ideal to use before gymnastics or phys. ed. classes.
NIS 16.90 to NIS 32.90
Pillow talk
How do you like your pillow? Soft or hard? Small or large? Sleeping habits are very personal, and the quality of sleep is influenced by many factors. One of the most important factors is the pillow. Polyron, the Israeli company that specializes in sleep solutions, has launched a 100% latex pillow that promises to give perfect support to the head and neck, thus providing better sleep.
The durable pillow comes with a removable, machine-washable cover.
NIS 239. Available at Polyron stores and online at www.polyron.co.il.
That time of year
Besides being a successful winery, Tishbi has been importing a selection of premium foods such as Valrhona chocolates and other delicacies.
Now it has added to its collection the premium French brand Cruzilles, which has specialized in sugared natural fruit and vegetables since 1880.
Among the products available in Israel are lime slices, orange slices, yuzu, wild celery and hot pepper, fruit mashes, mixed fruit for baking and various chestnut products. I love their Pâte de fruits retro metal box, which I think is the perfect hostess gift and will come in very handy for New Year’s dinner parties.
NIS 83 for the box. NIS 24 for 100 gr.of the fruit products. To order, call (04) 638-0434.
For the love of Italy
The Tiv Taam supermarket chain is celebrating Italy in all its 38 stores during November, offering a large selection of quality products imported from Italy, as well as attractive promotions on foods and wines, exciting vacation raffles, tastings and recipes.
Among the many promotions on leading Italian brands are Parmigiano-Reggiano Parmesan cheese at NIS 10.90 for 100 grams; 2+1 on Garofalo quality pasta; and 1+1 for pasta sauces.
For more details, go to the company’s new online store, www.tivtaam.co.il. It offers special deals, is open during holidays and weekends, and delivers the products in insulated cooler bags – ideal for your next picnic.
Soy with less sodium
New from Master Chef, two flavorful soy sauces with 40% soy beans from Japan, made according to traditional methods, such as fermentation in wooden barrels. The new soy sauce is lower in sodium than other brands of soy sauce, and the reduced-sodium sauce contains even less.
NIS 15.90.