Red-letter day

A warm embrace, a glass of red wine, a cocktail, some chocolate and lots of red – it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Crowd of Audience at during a concert with silhouette of a heart shaped hands shadow, light illuminated is power of music concert (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Crowd of Audience at during a concert with silhouette of a heart shaped hands shadow, light illuminated is power of music concert
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Eight shades of red
Enveloping lips with vibrant red color, long-lasting luster and rich moisture, the new red shades in Shiseido’s Rouge Rouge collection are terrific. As the company puts it, ”The lipsticks are designed to reveal the hidden inner beauty of all women.” The new shades are offered in two categories: Rouge Rouge Luster and Rouge Rouge Nude. NIS 145.
Sealed with a kiss
For Valentine’s Day, Clinique is offering a pampering package of two lipstick collections in limited editions. The six special-size lipstick package includes two Pop Lip Colors with Primer (Nude and Berry); two Pop Matte lipsticks (Graffiti and Rose); and two Pop Lip Glazes (Bubblegum and Fireball). NIS 149. For more information:
Lovely lingerie
If you need an excuse to purchase a sexy set of red underwear, Valentine’s Day is it. Triumph joins the party with a lovely collection of red underwear, as well as pajamas decorated with hearts. Triumph’s bras fit every shape and size, are made from high-quality materials and last for ages. Available in cup sizes B to E and sizes 75 to 90. Prices range from NIS 69.90 to NIS 379.90.
Magical matte
Local makeup guru Boaz Stein has added new darker shades to his matte lipstick line, such as dark brownish red, burgundy red and dark nostalgic pink. The lipsticks are made with jojoba oil, providing moisture and protection while leaving the finished look matte and sexy. NIS 89.
Scented send-off
Tommy Hilfiger announces the release of two new scents – Tommy Weekend Getaway for men and Tommy Girl Weekend Getaway. The men’s scent is warm and sensual with notes of vetiver and sandalwood, sage and bergamot. The women’s fragrance is fresh with passion fruit, vanilla, gardenia, orange and jasmine. The boxes are designed as postcards from an exotic destination. NIS 199. Available at Super- Pharm stores.
A welcome boost
It may not cure a broken heart, but it will help smooth out wrinkles. The new addition to Bobbi Brown’s Remedy collection is the Skin Wrinkle Treatment No. 25. It promises to smooth and fill fine lines, boosting collagen production while increasing the lipid content and providingnecessary oils. Micro optical particles of mineral powders smooth out the fine lines. NIS 210.
The jewel in the crown
A new red bottle design for Beefeater 24 gin has been launched in Israel in time for the holiday of love. Beefeater’s new bottle aims to attract consumers seeking to explore the super-premium gin category. Besides making it perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift, red was selected to pay homage to one of the UK’s oldest crown jewels – the 170-carat Black Prince’s Ruby centerpiece in the Imperial State Crown. The jewel’s history is entwined with the Tower of London – home of Beefeater Gin’s namesake guards. The design features the figure of the Beefeater alongside the signature of Beefeater founder James Burrough, while the Tower of London raven – which, according to legend, protected the crown – is visible on the front and reverse labels. Beefeater 24 gin is distilled by hand from 12 botanical ingredients such as grapefruit and Japanese Sencha green tea. NIS 189.
Rosés are reddish...
Carmel suggests toasting Valentine’s Day with the rosé from its popular Selected collection of light wines. The Selected Rosé, which is slightly sweet, is made from Grenache, Tempranillo and Zinfandel grapes. NIS 25 to NIS 30.
Assembled for you
In time for Valentine’s Day, Barkan has launched a new vintage in its Assemblage collection. The 2014 Eitan, Reihan and Zafit are all dry red blends which represent the winery’s terroir: Eitan from the Jerusalem area; Reihan from the Upper Galilee; and Zafit from the Judea area. NIS 69. For more details, go to
Sweets for the sweet
The Max Brenner chain celebrates Valentine’s Day with new collections of chocolates under the Max Pure Love logo. As always, the boxes are beautiful and the bonbons are delicious. Choose from boxes of five to nine or 18 pralines (NIS 32 to NIS 98), a romantic chocolate fondue package (NIS 189) or other packages (NIS 129 to NIS 149) and have a sweet evening. Available at Max Brenner branches around the country.
Love potion
It has been known for some time that chocolate has aphrodisiac qualities, thanks to chemicals that release serotonin and other stimulants in the brain when people fall in love. To seal the deal, try Swiss-made Torino premium chocolate. Choose from bitter, milk or blond cream-filled chocolate. NIS 34.90. Available at Tessa Sweets in Ra’anana, Kfar Saba, Ashdod and Holon.
Not just for children
Osem has launched two new items in its ever- popular Bamba line: heart-shaped Bamba and Bamba filled with vanilla and chocolate-brownie cream. Both will make children feel loved – but not only them. NIS 4 to NIS 4.50.