Valentine's day: Deep reds and blushing pinks

A Valentine’s suggested gift guide

Shoes from ShaniBar local shoemaker (photo credit: SHAY BEN EPHRAIM)
Shoes from ShaniBar local shoemaker
(photo credit: SHAY BEN EPHRAIM)
Holiday dress codes are a funny thing. Whether we notice them or not, subscribe to their directives or avoid them, we can’t escape the consensus about what to wear on certain days of the year. New Year’s Eve is a night for metallics and shimmer, Shavuot is for airy whites, and Valentine’s Day is set aside for deep reds and blushing pinks. With the big Hallmark moment just a few days away, here is a list of fabulous gifts for Valentine’s Day.
Watch out
Earlier this year, American design empire Tory Burch entered the Israeli watch market via Padani stores. A purveyor of classic swag, Burch’s tickers make looking at your phone to check the time feel like a waste. This particular watch, which is part of a vintage-inspired collection, is simple yet luxurious.
(NIS 1,640)
Read my lipstick
Saying that Mac Cosmetics makes great red lipstick is like saying that Heinz makes good ketchup. And if you look around a room of fashionistas, you will probably be able to spot at least 10 of Mac’s top red shades, such as Lady Danger, Ruby Woo and Russian Red. But for those of us who are either tired of wearing, or disinclined to wear, a fire-engine shade of lipstick, Mac has made Lady Bug, the softer, quieter sister of these fierce hues. Lady Bug is slightly glossier than most of Mac’s shades, giving it a subtlety the others lack. The perfect topper to any look.
(NIS 92)
Dress to impress
Operating out of a studio behind her north Tel Aviv home, designer Lara Rosnovsky weaves her past, present and future together into beautiful garments. Born and raised in Moscow and educated in London, Rosnovsky’s clothing is a thoughtful blend of traditional handcraft and modern lines. Her winter collection boasts this breezy peasant dress, the perfect middle ground between effortless and put together.
(NIS 1,890)
These booties were made for walking
For the past decade, local shoemaker ShaniBar has been a staple name for ladies with an eye for fine footwear. Designer Shani Bar’s leather work is impeccable, her knack for subtly riding the trend wave precise. Currently hosting a winter sale, ShaniBar’s shoes are slightly more affordable than usual. While neither red nor pink, Bar’s olive-green velvet booties couldn’t say love any more clearly.
(NIS 468)
To have and to clutch
Founded the same year that Israel received its independence, French leather brand Longchamp is known for sleek design and excellent quality. If you’ve ever bought one of its totes, you’re probably still using it. This year, as a nod to Valentine’s Day, Longchamp put out a very on point purse. It’s small, baby pink and embossed with the letters L-O-V-E. We think it is the perfect wink to romantic comedy and a great clutch to spruce up an outfit.
(NIS 595, on sale at Longchamp)
Prince Charming
The first thought that pops into mind when imagining a romantic gift is jewelry. Danish jewelry company Pandora is the international authority on charms. For more than 30 years, the brand has boasted a do-it-yourself charm bracelet option, in which customers can design their own bracelets and necklaces by choosing from a huge collection of Pandora pieces. This year, Pandora has put out a Valentine’s Day collection, which includes customer-designed lockets and symbolic charms.
(NIS 250 and up)