Winter wonders

Get energized with matcha tea, bake bread easily, get the Hungarian royal treatment, follow Jane Fonda’s new cosmetic regimen – and have a great time

Shopping cart (Illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Shopping cart (Illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
All aglow
She’s 80 years old but looks as radiant as ever. Jane Fonda, one of L’Oréal Paris’s ambassadors, is now the face of the company’s new Age Perfect – Golden Age line for women over 60. Specially formulated for mature skin, the products re-cushion and add a rosy, healthy-looking glow. Thanks to royal jelly and the neo-calcium formula, known for its strengthening properties, the three products in the line – serum, fortifying day cream and rich night cream – also contain micro pearl powder that lightens the skin, giving it a fresh look instantly.
NIS 120 for each product. During January, NIS 200 for two creams.
Bat those lashes
Clinique has launched a mascara that eliminates the need for an eyelash curler. The new High Impact Lash Elevating Mascara lifts the lashes without bogging them down, thanks to the mousse-like texture of the new formula, which Clinique’s experts promise will not clump or smudge in water or tears. The diagonal applicator coats each lash separately, extending the lashes upward and outward to create a perfect finish. The product was tested for allergies and is safe for contact-lens wearers.
NIS 109.
Hungarian royal treatment
Omorovicza’s firming neck cream recommended for aging skin is another excellent product by the Hungarian cosmetic company. Made for the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté areas, Omorovicza’s triple-action Firming Neck Cream nourishes and hydrates deeply, plumps and tightens skin. The active ingredients include white truffle enzymes that improve the elasticity of the skin; leontopodic acid extracted from edelweiss flowers, which resurfaces the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin; and a blend of polysaccharides and proteins that complete the remodeling effect by acting as a neck lift. Two forms of hyaluronic acid help to plump and nourish the skin for a fuller appearance. Omorovicza’s patented Hydro Mineral Transference delivery system leaves skin firmer, more supple and younger looking.
NIS 569. Omorovicza is available in Israel at the KISU cosmetic boutique at 306 Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv.
Concentrated skin care
Cosmetic brand Magiray has launched Star Dust, a 100% natural stick balm for the care of dry facial areas. The stick balm provides intensive treatment when you need it – be it on the ski slopes or just walking out in the cold. Star Dust contains shea butter, cocoa seeds, mango seeds, sunflower seeds and other etheric oils such as wild rose, orange, bergamot and sunscreen, beeswax and vitamin E. The small container is perfect for carrying in the purse.
NIS 59. Available at licensed beauticians. For more information, go to
Green tea powder power
Altman recently introduced matcha tea to Israel. Japanese matcha tea is finely ground powder of green tea leaves. It is rich in EGCG antioxidant, which helps in relaxing and watching one’s weight. Matcha is farmed differently than other teas. The plants are shade-grown before harvesting, and the stems and veins are removed in processing. During shaded growth, the plant produces more thiamine and caffeine. Matcha is dissolved in a liquid, typically water or milk. Altman recommends adding matcha powder to dishes such as baked goods, saying that it helps maintain energy for a longer time, while reducing stress.
NIS 89.90 for 40 gr. For more information, go to
No fuss, no muss
The Bonjour bakery company recently launched Bonjour Ve’Letanur, its new line of ready-to-bake frozen yeast cakes and breads. The line includes sweet halla, whole grain focaccia, rugelach and chocolate kranz cake (babka). The products enable you to bake perfect cake or bread in no time, adding the wonderful aroma of fresh baking to your home without mess or stress. We especially loved the babka and the focaccia. Kosher Badatz.
Halla and focaccia NIS 9.90 to NIS 14.90. Rugelach and kranz cake NIS 17.90 to NIS 24.90.
Baking for beginners
A significant shortcut to baking is offered by Sugat Magical Bread Mix, developed with celebrity baker Erez Komarovsky. The new whole grain bread mix is third in the line of products after the halla mix and the regular yeast flour mix. To make the bread, all you have to do is add water, knead, let rise (very briefly) and bake. No need to sift. Kosher Badatz.
NIS 9.90 to NIS 11.90.
Daily probiotics
New in Altman’s Yomi line of products for children are chewable banana-flavored probiotic tablets for kids aged five and up. Research has proven that probiotic bacteria can strengthen the body while taking antibiotics, reduce the chances of contracting flu and other winter ailments, and improve the efficiency of the flu vaccine.
NIS 69.80 for 40 tablets.
Wholesome crackers
Carmit has launched a new line of crackers called Panini. The line includes five flavors of whole-grain crackers, small toasts in three flavors, mini pretzels, mini crackers and more. All the crackers we tasted were excellent; we especially loved the Panini toasts (NIS 5.90 for 100 gr. divided into three individual packages) and the crackers made from whole wheat and whole rye (NIS 6.90 for 130 gr. packed in a serving tray). Kosher Badatz.
Available at all food stores.
Better than butter
Not butter or margarine, the new Naturina by Shimrit is a parve butter substitute. Made from either olive oil or coconut oil, Naturina is ideal for baking, offering a transfat-free, neutral flavor that is also vegan and more healthful than margarine. Kosher Badatz.
NIS 7 to NIS 7.50.
Spread the sweetness
Belgian treat Chocketa is now available as a black and white spread with a milk cream and hazelnut-chocolate cream in one jar. The Black & White spread is made without preservatives or food coloring and includes 6/5% nuts and 2/7% cocoa powder. Use it in sandwiches or in cakes and desserts. Yummy. Kosher.
NIS 9.90 for 350 gr.
Italian tomatoes
Tomato paste and crushed tomatoes are among the items that should always be stocked in the pantry, on hand when you want to whip up a quick pasta sauce or other tangy dishes. Now Master Chef has added its own Italian tomato paste and sauce to its line of products. Made from 100% Italian tomatoes, with no added sugar or preservatives, they are very tasty. Kosher parve.
NIS 10 for a package of three 140 gram-cans of tomato paste. NIS 8.90 for 400 gr. crushed tomatoes.
Innovative design
Industrial design and fashion come together in Secrid’s smart pocket-sized wallets and card protectors called Made in Holland. According to the company, the wallets are made with great attention paid to quality, people and the environment. Made from Italian leather with aluminum lining, the wallets are very convenient to use due to the card pop-up technique. They also safeguard against identity theft. The cleverly designed wallets can hold a lot in a very small space. There are two designs to choose from: the avant-garde Prism and the more subtle Cubic.
NIS 400. Available only at
Whiskey bar
A limited edition of Glenlivet Cipher has been launched at Walter, a new whiskey bar located next to the whiskey museum in Sarona. The new limited edition of the premium whiskey is a mystery. Offering no information on the opaque black bottle, it challenges tasters to decipher the secrets of this unique single malt. Using a combination of casks never seen before in the Glenlivet portfolio, the latest, limited-edition expression is unique. First-fill American oak imparts delicious notes of vanilla, honey and spices. First-fill sherry adds the opulence of dark chocolate, toffee and dried fruit. The combination: an intriguing fusion of intense, long-lasting flavors. The Glenlivet Cipher is not chill filtered, so the full taste profile is maintained. Bottled at 48%, this expression has the spirit to match its bold yet balanced flavors. NIS 500.
The Glenlivet Cipher was launched at Walter Whiskey and & Cigar by Glenlivet, which serves unique malts and whiskeys by the glass, as well as a small menu of delicacies. The bar also offers regular customers the option of purchasing a bottle that will be kept for future visits.
27 David Elazar Street, Sarona, Tel Aviv. Tel: (03) 955-1105.