Idan Raichel teams up with India Arie at the Opera.

Idan Raichel project in Singapore 521 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Idan Raichel project in Singapore 521
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Raichel goes to India
The final concert of the inaugural season of the Israeli Opera’s World Music concert series takes place this evening (10 p.m.) and will feature Grammy award winner American soul singer India Arie and Idan Raichel. The concert is called Open Door and will be based on material from the duo’s forthcoming eponymous album, due to be released next week, and will include songs by India Arie and arrangements by Raichel.
India Arie and Raichel first met in Israel in 2008 and have since played together around the world, including at last year’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway, and for President Obama. Following the concert the two will embark on an international tour.
More information about this evening’s concert: Tickets: 03-692-7777
State of D-ART
This weekend, the public will be offered an intriguingly fresh glimpse of some envelope-pushing works of art as part of the initial D-ART Festival.
The new festival was started by Tal Laufer and Neta Ben-David, who decided on a theme of “beginning” for the first of what they plan on making an annual event. Laufer and Ben-David turned to a wide range of well-known artists from various disciplines, including veteran actors Yona Elian, Orna Pitussi and Assi Dayan and musicians Yitzhak Klepter and Nancy Brandeiss, to share their earliest career experiences with them.
The festival will host an exhibition of works from the plastic arts by established and newcomer artists alike, based on the “beginning” theme, with musical entertainment provided by the likes of Folk n’ Roll, Assi Meskin and Tamar Capsuto.
The festival takes place at Summer Schlager Club at 4 Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv, today and tomorrow, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admission is free.
Heaven can wait
This year’s Lo Bashamayim (Not in the Heavens) Festival takes place at Kfar Blum in Upper Galilee from July 5 to July 7. The Jewish studies and music event covers a wide range of areas and includes lectures, workshops, trips and musical entertainment.
The first evening’s program includes a lecture by Dr. Hagai Harif (8:30 p.m.) based on his book Tziyonut Shel Shririm (Muscular Zionism), which looks at World Zionist Organization co-founder Max Nordau’s vision of an athletic breed of Zionist pioneers. Earlier on the opening day, at 2 p.m., Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Aviad will enlighten his audience about the Rambam’s take on preventive holistic medicine.
Those looking to gets some outdoor education should enjoy the selection of trips around the region, including the July 6 bus and walking foray to local biblical sites including Tel Dan and Beit Ma’acheh, headed by Ofer Hagvish and Avrami Landsman.
Also on the first day, Jackie Levy will offer some insight into Jewish folklore – naturally with plenty of humor – with musical asides provided by the Hamadregot band.
The musical fare includes a cross-cultural show with jazz saxophonist Daniel Zamir, rocker Asaf Amdurski and veteran singer Yisrael Gurion, and a sing-along with genre icon Saraleh Sharon.
More information: and 1-700-70-77-76
Idiotic meal
Rami Hoiberger stars in the Habima Theater’s new production of Francis Veber’s Le Diner de Cons (Dinner for Cretins). Performances take place tomorrow (9 p.m.), Sunday and Monday (both at 8:30 p.m.).
This comedy of errors relates the story of a bunch of French snobs who meet for weekly dinners. The only proviso is that each of the gang must bring with them a less than capable person as a guest to each meal. On one occasion, however, things go terribly wrong for the host, Pierre, when his wife suddenly leaves him, accusing him of being sadistic, his back plays up and he’s stuck with his hapless guest du jour.
The cast also includes Yael Tzafrir, Yaakov Cohen and Riki Blich.
More information and tickets: or 03- 526-6666