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Swan Lake on Ice (photo credit: Courtesy)
Swan Lake on Ice
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Dancing on a frozen ‘Swan Lake’
The Performing Arts Center in Tel Aviv will take on a decidedly icy appearance between September 17 and 21 when the Imperial Ice Stars troupe puts on six performances of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.
There are additional performances lined up for the Jerusalem Theater (September 23 and 24) and the Haifa Convention Center (September 26 and 27).
The London-based company comprises 26 Russian and Russian-trained skaters who, among them, have won more than 250 medals at the Olympics, World Athletics Championships and other leading competitions. Choreographed by artistic director Tony Mercer, the Imperial Ice Stars’ Swan Lake has been performed all over the world.
The choreographed calisthenics are aesthetically enhanced by a dazzling array of costumes and spectacular backdrops and lighting effects. The show is suitable for all ages.
For tickets and more information: (03) 692-7777 and (03) 692-7700 All-time favorites
If you like your rock, pop and blues favorites seasoned with an eclectic sonic spread, then you might want to get yourself down to the Armored Corps Museum in Latrun tomorrow at noon.
The Simply the Best show, fronted by guitaristvocalist Roman Aryeh, incorporates some of the greatest hits of the 20th century by the likes of Led Zeppelin, BB King, The Beatles, Eric Clapton and Queen.
Aryeh heads a seven-piece band whose members draw on a wide range of musical disciplines and styles. Singer Dgani Tzabari has been dubbed by critics as “Israel’s Aretha Franklin” due to the depth and power of her vocal delivery, while vocalist Dor Nagar feeds off a heady mix of country music and blues. The instrumental side of the group features saxophonist Dima Shurin, keyboardist Rostislav Lerman and bass guitarist Costa Edelkind, with Roman Estman on drums.
The group will perform a cross-genre repertoire of jazz, blues, gospel, pop and ethnic music.
For tickets and more information: (02) 535-6954
The status of biblical women
The Arab-Hebrew Theater in Jaffa will host a performance of God’s Girlfriends on September 10 (8:30 p.m.). The Aisha Group production is based on three female biblical characters who take the patriarchal society in which they live to task. The figures include Sarah, Naomi and the concubine from the book of Judges, who expound on their personal credos from the context of the standard biblical stories. The characters examine the price they have to pay for adhering to the roles defined for them by society and what they have to endure when they rebel against their predefined status in life.
The play is directed by Yael Slor and written by Inbal Genzer, who also acts in the show. Other members of the cast include Yael Ruchkind, Tamar Ratzabi and Ayelet Levison.
For tickets and more information: (03) 518-5563
Nahum Gutman Museum gets new display
The Nahum Gutman Museum in Neveh Tzedek has a new permanent exhibition of illustrations and paintings by Nahum Gutman. The show presents a new perspective on the artist’s oeuvre in the context of the Israeli subconscious. The collection includes works from the late artist’s long career. Gutman, who is principally identified with the aesthetics and energies of Tel Aviv, is also known for his sculptures and literary work.
For more information: (03) 516-1970 and http://
The Camerata explores New Horizons
The Israel Camerata Orchestra, Jerusalem will perform its New Horizons program three times in the coming week, with concerts scheduled for the Jerusalem Theater (Tuesday, 8 p.m.), the Wix Auditorium of the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot (Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.) and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Thursday, 8:30 p.m.). The concerts feature clarinetist Sharon Kam, under the baton of Ruben Gazarian. The repertoire covers an expansive temporal and stylistic swath, with works by Charles Ives, Dvorak, Mozart and Massenet.
For tickets: 1-700-552-000