City Notes: Beersheba holds city-wide family Passover celebrations

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UNITED HATZALAH medics are ready for duty around the clock (photo credit: UNITED HATZALAH‏)
UNITED HATZALAH medics are ready for duty around the clock
(photo credit: UNITED HATZALAH‏)
The city of Beersheba is due to host a variety of family- oriented celebrations during the intermediate days of Passover next week.
On April 25, the city will host a holiday festival at the Children’s Park at Beersheba’s River Park. Children will be invited to meet kids’ entertainment stars, including Yuval Hamebulbal, Michal Haktana, Kofiko, Dod Haim, Saba Tuvia and Shai and Roi. The festival will feature stalls, creative workshops and attractions for the whole family. Free parking and shuttles will be arranged to provide access for visitors to the park.
Other festivities taking place in Beersheba during the holiday week include tours and performances at “Passover in the Old City” and displays and workshops at the Beersheba Old Railway Station. Visitors will also be welcome to the various events taking place at Abraham’s Well International Visitors’ Center, the Negev Museum of Art, the Carasso Science Park and the Lunada Children’s Museum.
United Hatzalah’s Negev chapter training some 100 new EMTs
The United Hatzalah EMS Negev chapter is training some 100 new emergency responders to operate in the southern region, the organization announced Sunday.
The chapter currently boasts 150 volunteers. The training course will increase that number to some 250 volunteer emergency medical technicians in the area, which also includes the Gaza-periphery communities.
“Our goal and our dream is to see at least one volunteer in every city, township, kibbutz and village in the Negev,” said Yisrael Rubinstein, the head of United Hatzalah’s Negev chapter.
“The townships in the Gaza periphery have been in need of quick EMS response for some time now, and United Hatzalah has begun to initiate a project in which the military-security coordinator of each township will become an EMT and be responsible for EMS first response in their township,” he added.
High school girls win silver at European math contest
Two high-school students from a team trained at Tel Aviv University won silver medals on Sunday at the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad held in Busteni, Romania.
Shira Ben-Dor, 17, ranked in 21st place, and Maya Neve, 15, placed 37th in the international competition designed to create a platform where girls are able to realize their potential and demonstrate their talent in the field, along with gaining encouragement to pursue a career in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines.
This year’s fifth annual EGMO included 147 participants from 39 countries and was similar in structure and rigor to the pre-collegiate world championship International Mathematical Olympiad.
It was the first year of participation for the Israeli squad, whose training was organized by the Dov Lautman Unit for Science-Oriented Youth at Tel Aviv University.
Tmuna Theater holding ‘alternative’ Holocaust Remembrance Day
The Tmuna Theater in Tel Aviv is slated to hold its 18th annual Holocaust Remembrance Day Alternative on the May 4 eve of the somber memorial day.
According to the theater, the ceremony touches on the various issues that have arisen in recent years and revolve around the Holocaust. This year as in past years, a variety of people will participate to describe how the memory of the Holocaust affects their lives and current worldview, along with the type of perspective the concept of the Holocaust constitutes in Israeli society.
In the past “reactions have been mixed, but it proves that each generation has its own methods of dealing with memory, and that the collective memory doesn’t need to be built on grief,” the organizers said.
Among the participants in the event, directed by Avi Gibson Barel, will be MK Zouheir Bahloul (Zionist Union), filmmaker and writer Udi Aloni, author Yishai Sarid, journalist Merav Betito, musician Ruth Dolores Weiss, publicist and social activist Lior Tal Sadeh, actor Amnon Fisher and actress Smadar Yaaron.
Israeli wineries sweep global competition in Germany
Various wines produced at wineries in northern Israel received top marks at the international Mundus Vini Competition held last week in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Wine varieties from the Golan Heights Winery and the Galil Mountain Winery won four gold medals and five silver medals in the contest, which feature more than 5,000 wines from major wine-making regions around the world.
The Galil Mountain Alon 2012 wine, made by the Galil Mountain Winery in the Upper Galilee, won the competition’s prestigious Grand Gold medal. Gold medals were awarded to the Golan Heights Winery’s Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 and Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 labels, along with Galil Mountain Winery’s Galil Mountain Yiron 2012.
Other Israeli wine producers participating in the contest included the Teperberg, Gvaot, Yaffo, Vitkin and Recanati and Trio wineries.