City notes: Decisive Crusader battle reenacted in Galilee

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Staging the 12th-century Battle of Hattin (photo credit: ZURA BAZELI)
Staging the 12th-century Battle of Hattin
(photo credit: ZURA BAZELI)
History came alive last weekend when dozens of participating history buffs in the Galilee region reenacted the 12th-century Battle of Hattin between Christian Crusaders and the Muslim armies of Saladin.
This year’s living history event, which took place from June 30 to July 2, marked the 828th anniversary of the decisive battle in which the legendary Muslim commander defeated the Crusaders and eventually went on to capture the city of Jerusalem.
The Horns of Hattin project, named after the site of the battle which took place near an extinct volcano, is annually organized by the Regnum Hierosolymitanum historical reenactment group and the Jerusalem Traditional Archery Club.
Despite the summer heat, participants wore traditional dress and armor from the period and marched for two days, setting up camp with animals in tow before authentically reenacting the battle. In the reconstruction of the historical events in the landscape and conditions similar to those prevailing at the time, all participants were assigned a side and a role and acted accordingly.
The participants’ journey started at the site of a Crusader camp in Tzipori before moving east toward Kfar Kedem and then on to Kafr Kana. The convoy made camp in the Lavi Forest before proceeding to the western slope of the twin-peaked Horns of Hattin, where the battle’s reenactment took place.
Haifa opens Israel’s first skate park
Hundreds of skateboarders gathered Sunday for the opening of Israel’s first official skateboarding facility in Haifa.
At the launch event, Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav announced that the city is slated to complete the construction of a similar bike park adjacent to the 1,600-square-meter skate park.
Haifa conducted the NIS 8 million project in cooperation with Oregon-based Dreamland Skateparks.
Netanya fetes Japan ties with Tanabata Festival
In honor of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Japan, the Netanya Municipality and the Japanese Embassy in Israel presented a celebration of Japanese culture last Thursday.
Planetanya – The Madarame Center for Science, Space and Culture hosted the event marking the Japanese Tanabata festival, which is often referred to as the Japanese Valentine’s Day due to its origin which stems from a folklore story about two starcrossed lovers.
Thursday’s event included a half-day of activities such as origami workshops, traditional tea ceremonies, martial arts demonstrations, calligraphy workshops, speakers and Japanese dance performances.
Free Friday yoga classes in Florentin in July
As part of a new trend sweeping Tel Aviv, the Florentine Quartet residential complex in southern Tel Aviv is presenting free yoga classes open to the public every Friday throughout July.
Qualified teachers will give the lessons which are for ages 15 and up with advance registration. Participants are urged to bring their own yoga mat.
Lessons will take place from 9 to 10:30 a.m. on July 8, July 15, July 22 and July 29. For more information and registration call (03) 628-5300 or visit the website
Classes will take place in the plaza at Residence 3 in the neighborhood’s central Florentine Quartet.
Tel Aviv bears fruit with new public orchard
The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality announced last week the opening of the city’s first public orchard in the Yarkon Park.
The fruits produced in the half-acre orchard are available to the public for free. The complex will offer produce including avocados, lemons and mangoes.
The municipality said the move marks another step in making Tel Aviv a more sustainable city and maintaining its designation as one of the world’s most innovative cities. The municipality added that the orchard was established as a sharing economy tool to make the cost of living in Tel Aviv cheaper and create an addition space for residents to gather.
Open Museum in Omer offers summer fun for kids
The Open Museum in Omer will launch an array of family-friendly events as part of a summer exhibition program from July 11 until July 13.
For children aged six to 15, the museum will offer a room dedicated to Inventions on Wheels, where participants are invited to dismantle and assemble a wooden car and explore a statue garden.
Events for children aged four to eight include a creative storytelling gathering and a flashlight tour of the exhibition Paintings and Prints. For children aged eight to 12, the museum will present an art and architecture workshop that explores palaces in art and in reality from the Middle Ages to Disneyland.
For younger children, aged two to five, the museum will offer other activities that combine art, science, storytelling and imagination. An interactive exhibition called Between Reality and Imagination will employ thought-provoking visual elements with drawings and performances.