How JPost utilizes social media

The most active and engaging social media platform for news is Facebook.

The Jpost Facebook group (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
The Jpost Facebook group
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
The Jerusalem Post makes sure to stay with the times. JPost content is spread across about a dozen social media platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Viber, Pinterest and Flipboard, as well as through its app and email newsletters.
“Social media is the most engaging way for users to spread news about Israel, both good and bad,” said Ashley O’Brien, JPost’s social media manager. “It's a great resource to use as an advocate for Israel, and to combat online efforts by groups like BDS.”
JPost aims to share the news in formats that users on specific social media want to see. On Instagram, for example, content will be more image based and cultural, such as showcasing the work of an artist or chef JPost is profiling.
According to O’Brien, the most active and engaging social media platform for news is Facebook. Topics such as breaking news, news about Diaspora Jewry, archeological news, Israeli elections and articles about the greater Middle East are found to be the most popular among followers on JPost's Facebook page.
JPost has five different Twitter handles. @jerusalem_post is the main one, focusing on breaking news and news about the Arab-Israel Conflict, the Middle East and the Diaspora. The other four handles are specific to business, culture, politics and opinion.
Polls on Twitter are great way to engage people, O’Brien says. JPost content has been re-tweeted by many high-profile Twitter users, including India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi. As a result, many JPost tweets have gone viral, providing lots of Web traffic for JPost’s website.
Snapchat is a recent addition to JPost’s social media repertoire. Using a new feature that allows users to post links, O’Brien creates images about stories that encourage users to swipe up to get the link. These images are posted in JPost’s Snapchat story.
Flipboard is the most recent platform JPost has utilized. Flipboard allows users to follow media outlets and then see their desired articles pinned on their screen. It is similar to Pinterest, but for news instead of pictures.
“It’s a 24/7 effort to make sure that we are posting the most relevant information to our readers,” O’Brien said.