City Notes: Haifa seeks refuge for abused mare

Veterinary service located a mare that had become deformed due to prolonged abuse, and was being kept in inappropriate conditions in the city.

Horse grazing 370 (photo credit: Israel Weiss ( http://artfram)
Horse grazing 370
(photo credit: Israel Weiss ( http://artfram)
Haifa’s veterinary service located a mare that had become deformed due to prolonged abuse, and was being kept in inappropriate conditions in the city, according to the service’s spokesman. The horse’s growth was stunted due to abuse, bad conditions and being ridden at a young age.
Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav had the horse transferred to a safe place outside of town, where it will be taken care of until a more permanent place is found for its recovery. Meanwhile, Yahav and municipal veterinarian Dr. Dror Dagan contacted the municipal zoo about finding a place of refuge for the horse.
Zoo director Etti Ararat responded to the request, saying: “We are not a zoo in Denmark that kills giraffes and lions; we will be happy to receive the poor mare.”
Pitbull terrier bites boy in Acre
A pitbull terrier bit a seven-year-old boy’s leg in Acre on Sunday, police said. The boy was taken to the hospital in moderate condition. The dog’s owner, a 23-year-old Acre resident, was taken in for questioning, and was helping the police search for the dog.
Boy seriously injured after falling off horse in the Galilee
In another animal-related incident, a 13-year-old boy was seriously injured after falling off a horse while riding near Nahal Dalton in the Galilee on Monday.
Paramedics treated the boy at the scene, in Biriya Forest, before evacuating him via helicopter to Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center, the Magen David Adom spokesman reported.
Man allegedly sets fire to sister in dispute
Police last weekend arrested a man suspected of pouring a flammable liquid over his sister, setting her alight and severely injuring her.
According to Army Radio, the suspect, a 33-yearold man from Tirat Carmel who previously served a prison sentence for violent crimes, attacked his sister following a dispute between the two.
The 39-year-old victim was hospitalized at Rambam Medical Center in serious but stable condition.
Tel Aviv hosts European Weightlifting Championship
For the first time, Israel is hosting the European Weightlifting Championship, drawing the best weightlifters in the world to Tel Aviv. The event began on April 5 and was set to run until April 12; the event and practices are open to the public.
The championship is being held at Tichonet High School on 3 Shoshana Persits Street in Tel Aviv, and the practices are taking place in a see-through hall in the Tel Aviv Port (Hangar 1).
Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai commented: “This is a championship with many viewers across Europe.
The city of Tel Aviv is proud to host such an important contest, and welcomes such sporting events.”
Debates bring together pupils from different sectors
A debate competition set for next Monday will bring together schoolchildren from various sectors of society, including Jews, Arabs, Beduin and Druse.
The event will start at 10 a.m. and will be held at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Center on Haim Levanon Street.
The competition marks the conclusion of a unique curriculum developed and run by the Amal educational network, in cooperation with the US Embassy, which brings together children through the English language. The topics to be debated at the event include limiting the use of social networks for youth aged 16 and older; providing financial incentives for teachers based on their students’ achievements; and teachers’ rights to express political views in the classroom.
The program is designed for students who excel in English, and aims to improve skilled use of the language, with students acquiring the tools for building and presenting arguments, critical thinking, interpersonal communication, presenting in front of an audience and overcoming stage fright.
Accordingly, at the event, contestants will speak before an audience of some 300 people, with each having three minutes to persuade the audience of their argument. At the end of the debates, a professional team of judges will select the best speakers; the audience will vote using a cellular system.
Amal Group CEO Ravit Dom said the program reflects the uniqueness of the group, which emphasizes tolerance and coexistence.
She said the program gives students essential skills and tools for life, such as interpersonal communication, and that the program has proven itself, beginning with just two schools in its first years and having now expanded to 14 schools.
Drug lab discovered in Petah Tikva home
A drug lab was uncovered last week in a private home in Petah Tikva. During the search, police discovered hundreds of cannabis sprouts, as well as advanced drug-growing equipment.
Two Tel Aviv residents, both in their 20s, were arrested and were set to stand trial at Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court.
Peddler booths return to Eilat’s boardwalk
This Passover, the peddler booths that previously characterized Eilat’s boardwalk will return, having been evicted in 2012 due to a lack of permits and claims they were encroaching on the land.
Eilat’s city spokesman said that this time the booths complex will be pleasant and inviting, and will be open from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. every day of the week. The complex, located on the northern promenade, will house 59 uniform booths, as well as a control and supervision booth that will be staffed during all hours of operation, alongside security cameras; a guard will also monitor and maintain the complex on a daily basis.
Moreover, toilets have been installed in the compound, and the municipality will employ a dedicated cleaning contractor. A management committee will be selected to communicate with the vendors and ensure maximum response is provided to any needs that arise.
The spokesman stated that this is one of the most important projects in Eilat, being led by Mayor Yitzhak Halevi. The city aims to have an attractive, modern complex that will be closely supervised by the municipality.
The new market was designed by Mayslits Kassif Architects, an Israeli company that specializes in designing public spaces. The market has six rows of stalls, entrances on both sides and pergolas that provide shade over the entire area.