Star Catcher

Astrology for the week of September 4, 2013.

Star galaxy nebula colourful 370 (photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
Star galaxy nebula colourful 370
(photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: The middle of the week is a perfect time to relax and enjoy the company of family and good friends.
JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18 Over the past few months, pressure at work has been intense and although you are growing and gaining a great deal of experience, you are also questioning whether it is worth the effort. The good news is that both your co-workers as well as employers are thrilled with your progress and are very happy to have you as a member of their team. Over the next few weeks you will come into contact with new and interesting people who will help return the balance to your life. All work and no play has been boring.
HINT: Plans to make changes in and around your home may be put on hold for awhile.
FEBRUARY 19-MARCH Take some time off this week to rest.
Turn off your phone, close the door and use this time fully to catch up on some much long neglected pampering of yourself. Young members of your family continue to weigh on your heart, but there is only so much you can do besides love them, which you do, unconditionally.
Financially, your situation is definitely improving as all your years of hard work are beginning to bear fruit.
HINT: At work someone is envious of your popularity and success.
Let your intuition guide you and soon you will convert this person to one of your top fans.
MARCH 21-APRIL 19 Your relationship with a family member has left something to be desired for quite some time and although you have tried to strengthen the bond between you, your attempts have not been very successful. Don’t give up just yet, but put a little space between you. A conversation with your partner and/or mate will be pleasant, informative and you will be amazed at just how free and open the level of communication is between you.
HINT: Contact with a water sign will be just what you need to relax and enjoy a quiet moment with a good friend.
APRIL 20-MAY 20 A perfectionist, you have the tendency to overwork as you see all the fine points and mistakes of others. Over the past few months you have gained the reputation of a valuable employee and with a little more time and patience you could soon reach the position you had hoped for. Communication is emphasized this week and now is the time for sharing thoughts and ideas with the people you rely on the most.
HINT: One-to-one relationships appeals to you more than working in a group although you can be flexible and are willing to compromise here and there.
MAY 21-JUNE 21 Creativity and work are emphasized this week and you are going to have to set up a strict schedule and stick to it in order to finish on time. Social functions and affairs will cause delays and you will need to re-schedule some important meetings, but as long as you are organized and efficient all will fall into place. Money and finances continue to be a major issue as you consider making a major purchase in the months to come.
HINT: Be patient with a younger member of your family as this person has a tendency to speak before they think.
JUNE 22-JULY 22 A lot of thought is centered on your home and family these days as everyone congregates around your table and the conversation flows freely. A natural nurture, you enjoy every moment and savor this time before everyone goes back to their busy schedules. This is a wonderful week for all forms of creative self-expression, so take the time to work on a project which brings your personal satisfaction.
HINT: Although you have put some money aside, expenses have eaten a hole in your savings and in the coming weeks you will need to cut back a bit.
JULY 23-AUGUST 22 The time has come for you to take a stand and assert yourself.
Rather than let things build up inside you, take a step back and establish boundaries which are good for you and clear to others. Once you have everything in place you will be surprised at how easy it was and how much you can now accomplish without the many distractions and interruptions.
Your communication skills are high and you may spend a great deal of time on the phone or writing down your thoughts and ideas.
HINT: Loyal and sentimental, you are a wonderful friend.
AUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22 By Tuesday your thoughts will turn from what you want to how you are going to achieve your goal, and the major factor centers around money and finances.
Unexpected expenses have left you with less cash than you had anticipated and for the time being you will have to cut back and make due. A conversation with an air sign will help you see things in a much more positive light, so make the effort to meet with this person.
HINT: Always a logical thinker you will automatically know what is right and fair.
SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 23 So much is going on in your life these days and no matter how sharp your mind and how good your memory, you need to take precise notes and refer to them often. You will continue to enjoy making short trips for both business and pleasure, but need to keep tabs on your bank balance. A patient listener, you rarely jump to conclusions, which makes you a sincere friend and a fabulous mediator.
HINT: This week your powers of communication are extra fine as you absorb all that is going on around you.
OCTOBER 24-NOVEMBER 20 Your physical appearance becomes important to you and soon you will be ready to cut back on high fat/high calorie foods and join a gym or pool. Once you begin you will be amazed at just how much better you feel. Financially, things are progressing and although not nearly as fast as you had hoped for, at least there is positive movement.
You are ready to take on more responsibility and will soon begin attracting the people you need to help you in your quest.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for taking care of personal matters.
NOVEMBER 22-DECEMBER 21 This week your thoughts shift back to your career, as you begin to organize your appointment calendar for the coming weeks.
You enjoy being surrounded by bright people who understand your vision and are ready to help you reach your goals. A conversation with a sibling will bring exciting results as you begin working together on an idea which is of mutual interest.
Take some time off from your busy schedule towards that latter part of the week in order to enjoy your family.
HINT: A secret shared must not be revealed.
DECEMBER 22-JANUARY 19 Hard work is not new but lately you have taken on more than one project and will have to juggle carefully if you are going to get things done to your satisfaction while keeping to a time frame. Someone you trusted has disappointed you… not for the first time, and it will be up to you to decide just where this relationship is heading. Not all friendships last a lifetime, but they all teach us something.
HINT: Financially you are rather strapped for cash right now as major purchases over the last few months continue to demand you draw a portion of your salary every month.