Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of August 1, 2014•

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Slowly you will begin to receive the answer to question which have been on your mind for several weeks. Be prepared for a few surprises.

A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (photo credit: REUTERS)
A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: REUTERS)
You may discover that it is rather difficult concentrating this week and trying to remain focused for a lengthy period of time is beyond your capabilities right now.
Don’t be alarmed. As the week progresses you will discover the strength you need to get the job done well and on time. A trip down memory lane will be a lot more pleasant than you had imagined complete with old friends and fabulous stories.
HINT: Be patient with your partner and/or mate…this person has a lot on their mind right now and may not be as attentive as usual.
Try not to let past insecurities dominate your mood this week.
You are in a much better place today and memories are only as real as you make them. There is a lot you need to do this week so use your organizing skills and all will be accomplished to your satisfaction and on time. This is a good week for putting aside work and enjoying some quality family time.
The rest will do you all good. Financially you are on top of the situation and don’t have anything to worry about.
HINT: A little tension between yourself and a sibling cannot be avoided.
This is the week for renewing old acquaintances and for rearranging your busy schedule in order to relax with family and friends.
You are not often in the same place at the same time and this is the week for reaffirming relationships and deepening family ties. Financially you are spending more than you had bargained for, but that can’t be helped right now. Whatever debt you incur this week will be replaced in the following weeks, so don’t worry.
HINT: Take a moment to phone an older family member who would love to hear from you.
When in doubt, trust your intuition and you won’t be sorry. Over the past few weeks you have met many new and interesting people who will have a positive influence and affect on you professionally in the weeks to come. The feeling of respect and admiration you are experiencing is reciprocated and together you will be able to accomplish some interesting and important work. Sunday and Monday you may feel frustrated as things move with a stop/start motion rather than flow smoothly.
HINT: When talking to a fire sign remember to give this person the respect he/she deserves.
You are in a rush to get things done and feel frustrated that you can’t move things along at a faster pace. There are outstanding circumstances over which you have no control. All you can control is your reaction, so take a step back and recognize that no matter what you think the glass is sincerely half full.
The middle of this week is a perfect time to close shop and spend some quality time with your family and close friends. Pay attention to your financial situation on Thursday and when in doubt, wait! HINT: Someone living far away is on your mind and this is a good time to renew contact.
Your relationship with your partner and/or mate is much more pleasant now and this is the perfect time for strengthening the bond between you and for sitting down and discussing future plans.
Together you make a formidable team and those closest to you find it a pleasure working with you. You may have to put aside some extra time in order to get a project completed as you have so much on your mind and are not working at your usual pace.
HINT: Time spent with family will be a lot more pleasant than you had imagined so make arrangements to meet.
Time spent working on a project will bring you a great deal of personal satisfaction, but may take more hours than you had originally anticipated, so be prepared to put in some extra time.
You will be working in close collaboration with a few people who have become not only trusted colleagues but good friends as well.
Financially you have to continue to watch your spending but all is under control so don’t waste time worrying about money.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for enjoying the company of a fire sign who will bring renewed energy and optimism.
This is the time for relying on fact and not letting your imagination run away with you.
When all is said and done you know you are in a much stronger and better position than you were previously albeit there are days when you don’t feel you have the necessary strength to forge ahead. A conversation with a close friend will help you to remember just how much you care for this person. In the weeks to come you will be busier than usual, so take this time to catch up on some much needed rest and recharge.
HINT: Before making any major financial commitment, take a step back and rethink your plans.
Sometimes talking isn’t enough and this is the week for putting some of your ideas into action.
You know what you want, you have the time and the money, so make a couple of phone calls and start the ball rolling. It is time you renewed some family connections and if they can’t come to you then you can certainly go to them. Although you need to be careful where money and financial matters are concerned, you do have the price of the ticket.
HINT: A conversation with your partner and/or mate will provide you with the answer you have been looking for.
Enjoy the break in your routine and now is the perfect time for you to work in harmony with a few new colleagues as well as old. You have been working so hard for so long that you have forgotten just how joyous it can be to sleep in after an evening of brainstorming with some very intelligent people. Financially you are managing better than you had originally thought and this week you can afford to pamper yourself for a change.
HINT: Your relationship with a water sign is stronger than ever and time spent in each other’s company is a joy right now.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Before accepting yet another assignment or responsibility, take a step back and review.
Always excited about tackling something new you may be swept away with the challenge before you realize just how much is involved both financially and time wise.
A discussion with a sibling might just help you find the answers you are looking for, so pick up the phone. The beginning of this week may find you busier than you had planned so book important meetings for Wednesday or Thursday.
HINT: Take notes rather than trying to rely on your memory.
You have more questions than answers and rather than trying to force the issue take a step back and wait. All will be revealed in time. Over the past few weeks you have been spending more time with family and close friends and although you have work piling up on your desk, you know it can wait. By the end of this week all will be done to your satisfaction and if you have to put in some extra hours, it will still be worth it.
HINT: Financially, if you plan carefully you will have enough for what you need and some left over, so stop worrying.