Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of November 30

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Time to make your move! Baby steps are also acceptable.

Meteor Shower (370) (photo credit: Itamar Hassan)
Meteor Shower (370)
(photo credit: Itamar Hassan)
Always ready to lend a helping hand you don’t take kindly to being ignored or even pushed around by someone who should know better.
This time, rather than keeping everything bottled up inside, take that person aside and have a serious and honest heart-to-heart discussion. If that doesn’t work, then simply walk away.HINT: Thoughts of travel and getting away are becoming more frequent as you continue working long hours. In the months to come you will have the chance to take a little vacation and if you put some money aside now, you will have no problem at all.
Your intuition is high and will serve you well when dealing with problems which need to be solved. You have all the pieces now and are ready to put your puzzle together.
Take your time and enjoy the process.
When dealing with your partner and/or mate give this person a little more credit and space where necessary.
They mean well, but sometimes will act impulsively or speak out of turn. They know how sensitive you are and are immediately sorry, even if they don’t always say the words.
HINT: This is the week to do something outrageously fabulous for yourself!
People are attracted to you and respect your strength and strong sense of justice, and this is the week for enjoying social functions and revisiting old friends while cultivating new ones.
Although hard to anger, you do have a temper and when seriously provoked are prepared to sever a relationship or friendship rather than compromise your values. Those closest to you know how serious you are in your beliefs and try not to ever cross that line.
HINT: Your relationship with a partner and/or mate is good these days as you continue working in harmony toward a common goal.
The time has come for you to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Enough planning and discussing has been done and it will be up to you to start things moving in the right direction. Take care and pay attention to the little details and you should find it easy to get things done according to your plans. When discussing your feelings with a water sign, remember just how sensitive this person is and what a very long memory they have.HINT: Wednesday and Thursday are perfect days for staying home and catching up one some much needed rest.AQUARIUS (AIR) JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18
Your sense of justice and fair play work in your favor these days as you take on more and more responsibility. Believe in yourself and trust your judgment. You will be amazed at just how far you advance as you continue to hone your investigative and research skills. On a personal note, you find that you have precious little time for socializing these days but that will ease up in the coming weeks as co-workers and employers return from a personal leave.HINT: The people you come into contact now will help put a smile back in your heart.
Problems from your past are becoming less annoying as you gain confidence and move on. You have learned a great deal this past year and have overcome many obstacles and disappointments with grace and good will. During the next few weeks you will have the opportunity to back away from the hustle and sit quietly in a peaceful corner where you can collect your thoughts and make plans for your future.
HINT: Pay attention to money and finances and keep up-to-date books.
You are thinking much more clearly these days and now is the time for making some serious decisions concerning your future. Financially things could be better but you continue working hard to raise your income level and cut back on superfluous spending. An ongoing conversation between yourself and a sibling has helped deepen your relationship and the more time you can spend in each other’s company, the better.HINT: Before signing any important documents, read the fine print and have an expert look at them.
Tension that has been clouding your happiness is beginning to ease up, and this week, once again, you will feel ready to take on new challenges. Don’t underestimate the feelings you have about a new situation or person. In the days and weeks to come you will have much more information and that is when you can make the moves you need in order to set things straight.HINT: Your good name and reputation precede you and you can begin to enjoy the fruits of your labors
It isn’t enough to be right. You also have to learn to be a little more diplomatic if you wish to make friends and influence people! If not, you can continue stepping on toes as you voice your opinion and ignore theirs. Your relationship with a sibling is finally on the right track and now is the time for mending fences and strengthening the bond you used to enjoy. Money and financial matters are always on your mind and this week you need to pay special attention to how you spend your money.HINT: Time spent with young people will be extremely pleasant so try to find a pocket of free time.
You know what you want and are finally ready to take a stand and grab the brass ring! There are still a few details which need working out, but once they are completed you will be free to move forward with all your plans.
New people in your life bring you joy and a feeling of happiness that has been lacking for a long time. Your connection with a sibling has been honest and true and together you make a serious team.
HINT: Before committing to an adventure which will cost a great deal, do your homework and get a third opinion.
This week you will learn that by detaching yourself will help you get a much clearer picture of the situation and will allow you to become more objective. Always ready to challenge yourself you have very little if any patience for a person who always looks for the easy way out. You have three choices: confront this person; ignore this person; or aggravate yourself. It is up to you to decide.HINT: Money continues to be a source of concern and soon you will have to make a few changes in your lifestyle in order to get back on track.
This is the week for reaching out to someone you know and trust in order to brain storm and discuss some ideas you have about your future.
The person you choose will take you seriously and will be more than happy to help you find your way.
Your ability to focus and direct your attention to exactly what needs to be done will work in your favor this week as you struggle to get everything done on time.
HINT: Your relationship with a fire sign is strong right now and this is a perfect time for working on a project that is of mutual interest.