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The Contemporary Art Gallery in Tel Aviv is running Benni Efrat’s exhibition titled “The Dove” comprising of strikingly dramatic, kinetic artwork.

Batsheva dance company (photo credit: PR)
Batsheva dance company
(photo credit: PR)
Charming sounds
The new Magical Sounds children’s season will kick off at the Opera House in Tel Aviv on October 12 with three performances of the How Did Bach Forget? show on October 12 to 14, presented by the series’ artistic director Nitza Shaul. The series offers children a chance to hear classical music written by a variety of iconic composers across the centuries in an entertaining and multidisciplinary format.
The How Did Bach Forget? slot will enlighten the youngsters about J.S. Bach’s childhood and will include several works, such as Suite No. 2 for Flute and Orchestra.
The second installment includes four concerts on December 1 to 4. Called Hungarian Dances and Singing Gypsies, it will focus on the childhood of Johannes Brahms.
The closing four-show slot, on April 27 to 30, will feature music written by one of the most celebrated comedic performers in history, Charlie Chaplin. The Crying Eye, Laughing Eye program, which tells the story of “the funniest little man in the world,” is based on themes that Chaplin wrote for such classic films as Limelight, City Lights, The Gold Rush and Modern Times.
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Batsheva dancing
The Batsheva Dance Company will put on six performances of The Hole at the Varda Studio of the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv between October 6 and 15. The work, which was created by the company’s artistic director Ohad Naharin, features 18 dancers and is site specific. It is performed on a specially constructed raised octagonal stage.
The 60-minute show, which premiered last year, incorporates the company’s full complement of dancers.
On October 17 and 18, the company will perform Naharin’s Sadeh 21, which also features all the Batsheva dancers.
Sadeh 21 is dedicated to Noa Eshkol, who created the Eshkol- Wachman Method of Movement and Notation. Eshkol died in 2007 at the age of 83.
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Icy dove of peace
The Contemporary Art Gallery in Tel Aviv is running Benni Efrat’s exhibition titled “The Dove.” The show, which opened on September 19 and will close in December, comprises striking works with the dramatic, kinetic artwork The Dove, Summer 2062 as the centerpiece.
The Dove, Summer 2062 is an installation of 14 tons of ice that spells out the word “Shalom.” It is a constantly evolving work that is gradually melting into a special pool installed in the gallery. The slow disappearing act is being documented on video. After the ice melts completely, the film will be screened onto the surface of the pool.
The exhibition also includes a lead model of a fighter jet with an olive branch stuck in the nose of the aircraft, alluding to the biblical post-Flood dove.
The items in The Dove are a mixture of heavy objects and airy creations and convey a sense of earthiness and ethereal departures.
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London-Holon Draw Box
The international interactive event Draw Box will take place at the Design Museum Holon on October 5. The Holon project will form part of the international Big Draw Festival, which is running across the UK and 20 other countries from October 1 to November 2. Some 280,000 youngsters are expected to participate in the more than 1,000 events taking place throughout the month.
Draw Box will feature interactive artistic endeavors taking place simultaneously at the Holon museum and at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
The participants will be able to feed off works of art exhibited at either museum or can create their own paintings and drawings.
The results of the participants’ work will be available to people in London and here and will also feed off each other.
The event is designed to encourage children and youth to engage in drawing and to exchange ideas across the world.
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