Work and play

A search for leisure style in Tel Aviv.

Artistic street style fashion (photo credit: NATALIE MUALLEM)
Artistic street style fashion
(photo credit: NATALIE MUALLEM)
With no strict company dress code, Israelis often do not differentiate between what they wear to work and during their leisure hours. Hi-tech employees in shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops could easily go straight to the beach from their office.
One of the positives about separating clothes for work and play is allowing yourself to switch off completely from your occupation after hours, providing an opportunity to show off other facets of your personality. For others, their look reinforces who they are professionally and can be an important part of their personal branding.
Street style quest: Find out from subjects if what they are wearing differs from their workwear
Location: Tel Aviv Port
Time: Midday
Artistic style
Elior: We caught him as he whizzed by on his designer bicycle. Lives in Tel Aviv.
Your look tells us you are in art or fashion?
Yes, I’m an artist who draws on surfboards and does murals. I also do mural painting for events such as bar mitzvas and weddings. I used to be a graffiti artist on the Tel Aviv promenade.
So work and play clothes are the same?
Yes, I am creative in the way I dress and in what I do. It’s all part of who I am, and I have fun with it.
It’s no secret that you love orange?
Yes, I love to wear bold colors and stand out. I love to be different.
Even your bike seems special?
Yes, it’s a vintage-style Hot Rod imported from the US. I added the suede handles and orange seat cover.
Do you like to wear vests?
This is my signature piece. I bought it in France. My T-shirt shows a skull with a top hat, and is a limited edition by an artist from Italy.
What music are you plugged into at the moment?
I’m listening to “I Follow You, Deep Sea Baby.” I love dance music.
Who is your style icon?
I adore Johnny Depp. Usually I have a beard and a Salvador Dali mustache. Unfortunately, you are seeing me shaven. I do it every three months and then start my beard again.
Elior, you also smell delicious. What aftershave are you wearing?
I have a few different Chanels; today, I am wearing Chanel Bleu. I put it at 7 a.m., as soon as I wake up.
Quirky style
Asi caught our eye with her quirky hair clips, trendy mirrored sunglasses and masses of bracelets.
She lives in Moshav Nehusha, and is the mom to three boys aged 10, eight and five.
What are you doing at the port in midday?
I have taken the day off and am having lunch with a friend and her baby.
What work do you do?
I’m a lawyer in the public sector.
That really comes as a surprise. We were sure you were connected to fashion.
Yes, at my job I have to dress in a classic style, except I always wear my bracelets and two clips in my hair. I bought the bracelets in India on my honeymoon. My husband and I have a motto, “India is here,” which means don’t forget to live and enjoy yourself.
Your style is quirky, right?
Yes, I never wear matching earrings, and I change my bracelets every few months. I always buy jewelry on holiday. This ring is made of Murano glass, and I bought it this summer in Italy.
Do you have a favorite brand?
As you can see, I have a Disegual purse and sweatshirt; sometimes I am head to toe in it. I love the patchwork designs and intense colors.
Sporty style
Anat – Who could miss her statuesque frame and sporty style? Born and lives in Tel Aviv. Grandmother to three, aged eight, five and two.
What are you doing at the port in midday?
I’ve taken a holiday today, and have come to shop at the organic market where I always do my vegetable shopping.
What work do you do?
I’m a graphic artist for a hi-tech company, and I design brochures and flyers. In the ’70s I was an El Al stewardess and modeled for a fashion house, so I am happy to be photographed.
You have a very casual, sporty style today; can you dress like this for work?
Yes, there is no dress code but I find that in winter, I automatically dress up more. In summer, I always wear sneakers – these are by Replay. I have a very big collection of sneakers in all colors. In winter, I always wear boots. I never wear heels, but that’s probably because of my height.
What colors do you wear?
I like solid colors and pastels. I’m not attracted to loud colors, and I like a clean look. Gray is a favorite.
I’m not sure if this is because I am a graphic artist and work so much with color that I like to minimize it with my own clothing.
Of all your bracelets, the charm one is special, right?
Yes, it’s by Tiffany and I bought it in New York.
Do you shop a lot when you are abroad?
No, I prefer to shop in Israel where fabrics and the look suit our lifestyle. My favorite designer here is Hila Layov, whose shop is on Shlomo Hamelech Street.
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