Al-Zarqawi sentenced in absentia to death penalty

Jordanian military court condemns nine men, including al-Zarqawi, to death for plotting a chemical attack.

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zarqawi 88
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A military court in Jordan condemned nine men, including al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, to death Wednesday for a plot to carry out a chemical attack on the kingdom. Al-Zarqawi and three others received the death penalty in absentia. It was the third death penalty that Jordanian courts have handed down to al-Zarqawi, who runs the most notorious insurgent group in Iraq. The prosecution told the court that al-Zarqawi sent more than US$118,000 (euro 94,560) to buy two vehicles which the plotters were to use in the attack. Suicide bombers were to drive the vehicles, loaded with explosives and chemicals, into the grounds of the General Intelligence Department in Amman and detonate them. The al-Qaida in Iraq leader has previously taken responsibility for the November triple-suicide bombing in Amman, which killed 59 people.