15 skeletons possibly belonging to Jordanian soldiers found near Jerusalem

A Jordanian military team arrived in Beit Hanina al-Tahta to try and identify the remains.

 Beit Hanina (photo credit: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS/יעקב)
Beit Hanina
(photo credit: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS/יעקב)

15 skeletons believed to be Jordanian soldiers killed in the Six Day War were found in the town of Beit Hanina al-Tahta near Jerusalem on Tuesday, according to Jordanian media.

The Palestinian Authority's Public Prosecution Office and PA police launched an investigation into the discovery of the skeletons on Tuesday.

A piece of metal suspected of being a sharp tool was found at the scene as well. The remains were transferred to the PA's Institute of Forensic Medicine for further investigation.

The Jordanian Armed Forces announced on Wednesday that a military team had been sent to the site in coordination with the relevant authorities to identify the remains, but added that it is still too early to judge their identities due to technical and medical reasons.