Israel in the Middle East: A year of achievements and one big failure

Israel and the US have significantly weakened the Palestinian Authority, adopting unilateral measures such as US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, US aid cutoff to UNRWA and more.

New Mediterranean energy forum launched with Israel as member

The forum includes Egypt, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and Italy.

King Abdullah addresses the European Parliament.
Jordan's mainstream Islamists to stand in Nov parliamentary election

Adailah said an Islamist voice was needed in parliament to help expose rampant corruption and stand up to tough laws restricting public freedoms as well as oppose any normalization deals with Israel.

A man wears a protective face mask as he walks along the main market in downtown Amman
Jordan to jail organizers of social events due to coronavirus fears

Health Minister Saad Jaber blamed the surge in cases on "irresponsible" behavior at social gatherings where many mingle without masks and social distancing.

L to R: United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed, Bahrain’s Foreign Minister A
The Abraham Accord: No details, no devil - analysis

Unlike the treaties with Egypt and Jordan that had to devolve into minute details about boundaries and timetables, these documents were much more general.

Palestinians said to be incensed over Israeli speakers near Temple Mount

This is reportedly the third time loudspeakers have been installed since 2017.

Huge explosions rock military facility in Jordan, army blames heat wave

There were no reports of casualties from the explosion which took place in a remote area early Friday, government spokesman Amjad Adailah told state media.

Black September: 'I didn’t know if my wife and daughter were alive'

The story of Jerry Berkowitz, hostage and survivor of hijacked TWA plane in Jordan.

Black September - How September turned black

The term “Black September” went on to ever-more sinister depths, when the PFLP-coined month of terror mutated into a movement whose members murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

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