six-day war

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IDF Paratroopers relax after liberating the Western Wall during the Six Day War

How three men on a New York floor helped Israel win the Six Day War

He had immediately set the tone. Egypt and Syria were the aggressors, Israel was resisting. And Israel had stood alone – “by its independent effort and sacrifice.”

Six Day War

Israel and US Jewry - the proverbial couple

The Six Day War made identification with Israel intrinsic to Diaspora Jewish identity. Fifty years on, are differences over the West Bank changing the relationship?

Six Day War

Back to Ammunition Hill

Paul Alster joins the paratroopers of Battalion 66, who took part in one of the bloodiest battles of the Six Day War, and hears how the decision to take the Old City was made.

Six Day War

Jerusalem, the Six Day War and more

‘The Six Day War is just one of many things that occurred that year’


Six Day War was more than just military power

IDF commanders became my generation’s heroes, but the victory was not only a military one.

THE BEATLES competed for attention with the Six Day War and the Boston Red Sox in June 1967

Parting Shot: June 1967 – A month in the life

Rock & roll didn’t save the world, as I thought it might as a teenager.

Six Day War

What a difference 50 years can make

The world in the spring of 1967 was very different than the world as it is today.

SOLDIERS TUSSLE with Palestinians in the West Bank village of Beita

Continued rule over the Palestinians endangers Israel’s future

Many Jews face the fiftieth anniversary of the Six Day War with ambivalence.

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