Clarification and correction

The Jerusalem Post clarifies a previous report.

(photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
We refer to The Jerusalem Post’s October 7, 2014 article “Evidence obtained by JPost shows alleged ongoing violation of Iran sanctions; Greek magnate suing accusers in case involving US national security secrets," which we have since retracted.
We would like to clarify and confirm that the allegations referred to in that article, whereby we had suggested that The Jerusalem Post had obtained evidence from a source which might show alleged ongoing and current violation of Iran Sanctions by the vessel Helvetia One and Victor Restis, are contradicted by new information provided to us and therefore no allegations of misconduct should be concluded from the above article.  
In relation to the Helvetia One’s call to Bandar Imam Khomeini (“BIK”), Iran in September 2014, The Jerusalem Post understands that the vessel was carrying a food cargo of soya beans to Iran. According to the new information received by The Jerusalem Post, this was a legitimate and permitted cargo shipment and was not in breach of any US or International Sanctions in relation to Iran.
The export of such an agricultural commodity to Iran is lawful and is authorized by the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the US Department of the Treasury as part of providing food and humanitarian relief to the people.  The Jerusalem Post has now learned that almost 450 bulk carrier vessels have called at BIK, Iran during the last 18 months alone, carrying such authorized cargoes.
If any reader had wrongfully understood from the allegations referred to in The Jerusalem Post article of October 7 that the Helvetia One, her owners and operators, and Victor Restis had participated in any wrongful or unlawful activity in connection with the vessel’s call to Iran or otherwise, such a reader would have been mistaken, for which we regret.