Egypt nabs man smuggling $2 million to Gaza

Egyptian forces also confront, kill Beduin driving a truck full of munitions destined for the Strip.

Beduins 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
Beduins 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
Egyptian security sources revealed Saturday that police had detained a man who was transporting $2 million to northern Sinai in an attempt to smuggle the money to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The man, Hassan Mohamed Hassouna, was detained last week in Cairo along with his driver and eight-year-old son. The child was later returned to his family, the sources said. During his interrogation, Hassouna named three other men as accomplices. In related news, Egyptian police shot dead a Beduin weapons smuggler in northern Sinai on Saturday. According to officials, Egyptian police ordered a truck carrying four Beduin to stop at a roadblock near El-Arish. The driver failed to stop, broke through the roadblock and crashed into a police vehicle. The four passengers tried to flee but one of them was shot and killed by the police, in what they described as an exchange of fire. The other three managed to escape. "A Beduin was shot and killed during an exchange of fire between police and armed men in north Sinai," an official told AFP. "Police found a quantity of munitions in the truck and have managed to capture the other three Beduin." Defense officials on Sunday expressed satisfaction at the Egyptian effort to prevent arms smuggling to Gaza, but said the attempted cash transfer was "just a drop in the ocean."