Egypt: Police nab Chinese women crossing to Gaza

Egyptian police guarding the Egypt-Israel border arrested two Chinese sisters on Saturday who were trying to infiltrate into Gaza, security and police officials said. The women, identified as Sing Yang, 43, and King Yang, 40, were captured after they were seen running with their smuggler toward the barbed wire border outside the town of Quseima, about 13 kilometers west of Gaza border. The smuggler eluded capture. A police official, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to talk to the media, said the two women were disguised as local Bedouins, and their faces were covered by a niqab, a face veil that shows only the eyes. A security official said the Chinese Embassy was informed immediately of the arrests and was to send a translator to aid in the interrogation. Migrants seeking work in Israel are often arrested along Egyptian-Israeli border. The latest arrest was on January 13, when two Chinese men were captured as they were trying to enter Gaza.