Egyptian forces kill 3 suspects in Sinai sweep

Security forces on Monday killed three suspects wanted in last week's deadly terrorist bombings that killed at least 21 people in Dahab, a coastal Sinai Peninsula resort, officials said. A policeman also died in the gunfight near the village of Risan, according to security and police officials who declined to give their names. Egyptian authorities have laid blame for the attacks on local terrorists, pointing the finger at disaffected Bedouin tribesmen who inhabit the peninsula. Terrorism experts, however, has said the attackers more likely were from al-Qaida linked terrorists cells that are given shelter by the semi-nomadic Bedouins. The three terror suspects killed Monday brought to six the number of wanted men killed in the past three days as Egyptian authorities continued their sweep through the barren, mountainous and forbidding Sinai interior looking for suspects linked to the bombing.