Gaza bound flotilla arrives in Lebanon

'Asia 1' convoy began its journey in India, traveled through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria; welcomed by Khaled Maashal in Damascus.

flotilla 311 (photo credit: Creative Commons)
flotilla 311
(photo credit: Creative Commons)
The government is monitoring an aid convoy to Gaza that is planning to sail from Lebanon on Sunday, Israel Radio reported.
Asia 1, the first convoy to attempt to reach Gaza from Asia, began its journey from India and traveled through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Syria before arriving in Lebanon on Thursday.
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According to Iran's Press TV, the mission was welcomed by Syrian-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal.
A seven-member delegation of Iranian lawmakers joined the mission while it was in Damascus.
An Indian activist abord the ship was quoted by Press TV as saying "We are completely non-violent. We do not have weapons."
The activist added that if the convoy was approached by the  IDF, the activists aboard would  "face it with non-violence. We'll face it with a prayer in our hearts."