Giuliani calls for no deal with 'distrusted' Iran

Former New York City mayor addresses Jerusalem Post Annual Conference, speaks out against emerging Iran deal.

Giuliani: You would have to be stupid not to be worried by a nuclear Iran
NEW YOR K – Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City and once a Republican presidential candidate, suggested on Sunday that no deal is better than any deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
At the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York, Giuliani said that Iran has no right to peaceful nuclear power and suggested Tehran is a greater threat to the United States than the Islamic State terrorist group.
“We went through these negotiations with Iran in the earlier part of this decade, and they cheated for three years and were caught three times cheating,” he said. “There is no reason for Iran to have peaceful use of nuclear power, they have plenty of energy. You have to be naive to think they want nuclear power for peaceful uses.”
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Iran is a signatory, allows for participating states to have maintain peaceful nuclear programs.
But the treaty does not specify the nature of those programs – and the enrichment of uranium, in particular, is seen as suspect, as it is one of two specific paths to weapons-grade fissile material.
Giuliani’s critique of the Obama administration was broad, and not new. In February of this year, he received heavy criticism and “pity” from the White House for claiming that US President Barack Obama does not love his country.
But at the Post parley on Sunday, he reiterated his position that the president’s policies are contrary to the interests of the United States.
“You should make agreements with those that you trust,” he said, “not those that you distrust.”
Other speakers at the conference included UN Ambassador Ron Prosor, the State Department’s Ira Forman, Minister Yuval Steinitz, and US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.
“Whether it was Nelson Mandela emerging from prison after 27 years to negotiate the peaceful end to apartheid, Ronald Reagan sitting at a table with a nation he called the ‘evil empire’ to negotiate the end to the Cold War, or Menachem Begin meeting at Camp David to negotiate a peace accord with Egypt, Israel’s sworn enemy,” Lew told the crowd, “diplomacy is not conducted with our friends, but with our adversaries.”