Hamas spokesman: We will attack more settlers

Report: Spokesman calls settlers a "legitimate target" and an army with thousands of weapons at their disposal; says the direct talks are a "media circus."

Hamas (photo credit: AP)
(photo credit: AP)
A Hamas spokesman told Arab language newspaper Al-Hayat that the group intends to continue its attacks on settlers because they are "legitimate targets" on Saturday.
Azat al-Ghashek reportedly said that "Zionist settlers" made up an entire army living on occupied land, with a large cache of weapons at their disposal.
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The spokesman made the comments in an interview with the newspaper, adding that the peace talks launched on Thursday in Washington were nothing but a "media circus."
On Thursday, Reuters reported that thirteen Gaza militant groups have joined forces to launch a wave of attacks against Israel.
When asked if the renewed attacks would include suicide bombings, the Hamas spokesman reportedly answered: "All options are open."
Also on Thursday, Hamas condemned the launch of direct talks, saying its goal is to "liquidate" the Palestinian cause, and accusing Abbas of allowing Israel to build settlements in the West Bank and denying refugees' "right of return."
Earlier this week, Hamas claimed responsibility for two attacks on Israelis: one, which killed four, and another that injured two. Both were shootings that took place in the West Bank.
Khaled Abu Toameh contributed to this report.