Iran TV: Our missiles can strike Israel’s southernmost regions

Iranian TV program airs animated video describing Iranian missiles and threatening Israel, American military bases.

Iranian TV on Iran’s missile capabilities - We -provided large quantity of missiles to Hezbollah (Credit: MEMRI)
IRINN TV, an Iranian television station, aired animated video called “The Rise of the Missiles,” which described several types of Iranian missiles in detail, including their capacity to attack Israel.
The narrator Fateh-110 “Iran’s most accurate missile” and discussed Iran’s overall missile capabilities on November 12, according to MEMRI. The cartoon’s narrator claimed that many of the Fateh-110s went to Hezbollah in Lebanon and that they could reach Israel’s south.
"This is the Fateh-110 short-range missile,” the narrator said.
“Fateh-110 was tested in 2007, and since it is the most accurate Iranian missile, large quantities of it have been provided to the resistance forces of Hezbollah. From Lebanon, even the southernmost parts of the occupied land are within its range. In addition, with the supply of the Khalij Fars missile – the naval version of the Fateh-Class missile – all the warships of the Zionist regime will face this crushing and dangerous threat. The Zionist regime's Sa'ar ship was decimated by weaker cruise missiles in the Mediterranean Sea during the 33-Day War [Second Lebanon War]."
The narrator then goes on to describe another missile, the Sejjil.
“It will destroy its targets in the occupied lands in less than seven minutes,” the video’s narrator said. He described the missile’s capabilities in detail, including its range and speed. “The Sejjil's very high velocity – about 4,300 meters per second – makes it effectively impossible for the enemy to intercept it.”
The narrator then discusses the Ghiam, saying “Its purpose is to destroy America's military bases.”
Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets, the narrator explained, have been used by “Palestinian mujahideen to turn the Zionist regime's various cities into targets for their attacks."