Iranian opposition defies warning, calls for rally

Reformist website accuses gov't of double-standards by supporting Egypt protesters while forbidding Iranians to stage a peaceful demonstration.

TEHERAN, Iran — The Iranian opposition is defying a government warning and calling on people to stage a rally in solidarity with Tunisian and Egyptian protesters, a reformist website said Sunday. published a statement by a council of opposition groups inviting people to attend a peaceful rally on Monday.
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The opposition statement also accused the government of double-standards, by voicing support for Egyptian and Tunisian protesters while refusing to issue permission for Iranian political activists to stage a peaceful demonstration.
Last week, authorities rejected the opposition's request to stage a February 14 rally and warned of repercussions if it does.
Teheran's rulers crushed protests following the country's disputed 2009 presidential election. The opposition has not managed to stage protests in more than a year.