Jordan's military court sentences al-Qaida militant to life in prison

Jordan's military court has sentenced an alleged al-Qaida militant to life in prison for his alleged involvement in an a shootout that wounded several police officers. Prosecutors say Awni Ramadan Mustafa al-Mansi, 32, a Jordanian of Palestinian origin, is an al-Qaida operative who was recruiting Jordanians and Palestinians to fight in Iraq. He has been convicted on charges of premeditated murder. Al-Mansi was arrested in January 2007 following a shootout with police in the northern city of Irbid. His alleged alleged accomplice, Suleiman Ghayad al-Anjadi, who was on Jordan's "most wanted" terror list, was killed in the gunbattle. Al-Mansi's lawyer Majed al-Laftawi says he will appeal Wednesday's verdict, sayinig the sentence is too harsh.