Killer of Islamic Jihad man nabbed

Bombing precipitated May's exchange of fire between Lebanon and Israel.

Lebanon announced on Saturday that it had apprehended a man who was allegedly involved in the killing of senior Islamic Jihad official Mahmoud Majzoub and his brother Nidal on May 26. A Lebenese official told Reuters that the suspect's ties with Israel were "100 percent confirmed," but did not elaborate. "Documents and equipment linked with the crime were seized with him, and he has links to the intelligence of the Israeli enemy," the official said. Immediately after the blast that killed the two brothers, the Lebanese insisted that Israel was responsible, though Israel adamantly rejected the accusation. Two days later, armed forces in Lebanon launched several Katyusha rockets into Israel, precipitating the most severe exchange of fire between the two countries since Israel retreated its forces out of Lebanon in May, 2000.