Lebanese man admits to spying for Israel

Ex-top Lebanese security official reportedly admits to providing information for 10 years. (The Media Line)

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spy espionage 88
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A former senior officer in Lebanon's security forces has been arrested and has admitted to cooperating with Israel's intelligence services for more than a decade, Lebanese dailies reported on Tuesday. The officer, known by his first name Adib, is suspected of heading a network that passed on information to Israel. His wife was also arrested, on grounds of aiding his espionage activities. A security source told the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar that Lebanese forces were following the suspected network's activities for more than three months prior to the former officer's arrest on Saturday. The officer retired from the security forces in 1998 and set up an office that was used as a front for his intelligence work, a senior security source said. According to the report, the officer admitted to passing on information to Israel, but denied involvement in the implementation of any operations such as bombings or assassinations. Adib allegedly met his Israeli operators periodically in Europe. The reports come on the backdrop of tension between Egypt and Lebanon over the arrest of suspected members of the Lebanon-based Hizbullah on Egyptian soil. Egypt said the Hizbullah members were planning attacks on Egyptian soil and helping smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip. Although Israel and Lebanon have no diplomatic relations, Israel's main concern in Lebanon is Hizbullah, a Shi'ite organization supported by Iran that takes a vehement stand against Israel.