Muslim Brotherhood: Obama's Egypt trip 'useless'

Egypt's most powerful opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, on Saturday called President Barack Obama's upcoming trip to Egypt "useless" unless the US shows dramatic change in its policies toward Arab and Islamic countries. The White House on Friday announced that Obama would deliver a speech in Egypt on US relations with the Muslim world on June 4 as he seeks to repair damaged ties between America and Islamic countries. But the Brotherhood's deputy leader, Mohammed Habib, said he was skeptical about Obama's intentions, according to comments posted on the group's Web site. The trip will be "useless unless it is preceded by real change in the policies of the US administration toward the Arab and Islamic world," Habib said. "The US administration is attempting to recruit all the Arab states ... to implement its permanent agenda that favors the Zionist entity," he added, referring to the United States' close ties to Israel.