Muslim cemetery found desecrated near Kalkilya

Slogans such as "Kahane was right" and "price tag" scrawled on tombstones in graveyard on outskirts of West Bank village of Kfar Kadum.

A Muslim graveyard on the outskirts of the Palestinian village of Kfar Kadum in the area of Kalkilya in the West Bank was found desecrated on Friday.
Vandals were said to have entered the cemetery and scrawled "Kahane was right" on several tombstones as well as drawing on them Stars of David.
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IDF forces were called to the area to investigate and the Civil Authority said it viewed the incident in a very grave manner.
One of the slogans  written on a tombstone in the graveyard was "price tag," which radical settlers use to describe their revenge campaign against restrictions on Israeli building in the West Bank.
On Wednesday, Palestinians from the village of Sawiye near Nablus reported  that a warehouse was lit on fire and "greetings from the hills" was spray painted in Hebrew on one of the walls.
According to the Palestinians, settlers entered the village in the middle of the night and broke into a girls' school. They set ablaze a warehouse which stored sports equipment and furniture for the school.