'Nakba Day martyrs' blood won't be spilled in vain'

Nasrallah calls on Arab peoples, armies to stand with Palestinians; "we need to return Palestinians to their homes, lands, holy places."

Nasrallah 311reuters (photo credit: reuters)
Nasrallah 311reuters
(photo credit: reuters)
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah called on the citizens and armies of Israel's neighboring Arab states to stand with Palestinians ahead of additional border protests on the anniversary of the Six Day War, known to Palestinians as the "Naksa."
Referring to protests on Nakba Day last month, in which over a dozen people were killed in attempts to breach Israel's borders from Syria and Lebanon, he said: "The blood of the martyrs from Maroun a-Ras or the Golan will not be spilled for nothing," Channel 10 reported.
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The issue of Palestinian refugees, the Hezbollah strong man added, "needs to remain our central issue."
"We need to invest efforts in order to return [the Palestinian people] to their homes, to their lands and their holy places," Nasrallah said in a speech.
A series of demonstrations are planned in the coming days along Israel's borders, in a fashion similar to those on May 15's Nakba Day.
Earlier Wednesday, UNIFIL said it stands ready to assist the Lebanese Armed Forces during upcoming protests, Lebanese newspaper the Daily Star reported on Wednesday.
A spokesperson for the international force said, "we always stand ready to assist the LAF [the Lebanese Army], if they so request, within the scope of our mandate under Resolution 1701."
UNIFIL, the official added, always urges both sides "to be very cautious in any activities along the Blue Line because of its sensitivity."