Nasrallah: We attained historic victory

Hizbullah head rails against calls from inside Lebanon to disarm the group.

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Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Monday his guerrillas had achieved a "strategic, historic victory" against Israel. "We came out victorious in a war in which big Arab armies were defeated (before)," the black-turbaned cleric said. He further declared that now was not the time to debate the disarmament of his guerrilla fighters, saying the issue should be done in secret sessions of the government to avoid serving Israeli interests. "This is immoral, incorrect and inappropriate," he said. "It is wrong timing on the psychological and moral level particularly before the cease-fire," he said in reference to calls from critics for the guerrillas to disarm. Nasrallah, speaking on the day a cease-fire took effect - ending 34 days of brutal fighting between Hizbullah and Israel - called Monday "a great day." "We are today before a strategic, historic victory, without exaggeration," he said in a taped speech on Hizbullah's al-Manar TV. He declared that the massive destruction inflicted upon Israel was an expression of what he called its "failure and impotency." He promised the Shi'ite organization would help the Lebanese people rebuild, and estimated some 15,000 housing units had been completely destroyed. "The enemy destroyed thousands of houses in the south, the Bekaa and the southern suburbs," Nasrallah said.