'PM did not show Mubarak map'

PMO denies reports Mubarak rejected border map presented by Netanyahu.

Mubarak and Netanyahu. (photo credit: Associated Press)
Mubarak and Netanyahu.
(photo credit: Associated Press)
The Prime Minister's Office Tuesday denied foreign media reports that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak rejected a map outlining proposed future borders for a future Palestinian state presented to him by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at their meeting in Cairo on Sunday.
The PMO released a statement calling the reports "baseless and without foundation."
"The statements regarding Prime Minister Netanyahu, in particular, and with regard to the substance of the meeting did not occur," the statement stressed.
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The London-based Arabic newspaper Ashaq al-Awsat had reported earlier on Tuesday that Netanyahu had brought the border map to show Mubarak at their meeting.
Mubarak reportedly refused Netanyahu's proposed borders because they did not fall in line with Palestinian and Arab League demands that Israel retreat to pre-1967 borders, excluding minor land swaps for major Israeli settlements.
Mubarak was said to have told Netanyahu that he would need to amend his proposed borders if direct talks were to take place.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit told reporters the basis to move from indirect to direct talks was still "lacking" after the Netanyahu-Mubarak meeting on Sunday.
Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem ahead of the meeting that he was looking for Egypt's support in acheiving successful peace negotiations with Palestinians.
"Under President Mubarak's leadership, Egypt is a main factor in advancing peace and stability in the region. I intend to speak with President Mubarak about ways to accelerate the entry into direct negotiations between us and the Palestinians," said Netanyahu.