Prosor to UN: Syria’s atrocities are being underwritten by Iran

Israel's envoy to UN says Damascus, Tehran together have "defied every code of morality” in Syrian civil war.

 Ron Prosor (photo credit: COURTESY ISRAELI EMBASSY TO US‏)
Ron Prosor
NEW YORK – Syria and Iran together have “defied every code of morality” in the Syrian civil war, Israel’s representative to the UN Ron Prosor told the UN General Assembly on Tuesday at an all-hands-on-deck briefing about the humanitarian situation in Syria.
“The Syrian regime’s murderous rampage is being underwritten by the undertakers of Tehran,” Prosor said.
“The Iranian regime is supplying Syria with funding, troops and weapons to provoke and prolong the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”
Prosor described how Israel was helping Syrian refugees who crossed into the Golan Heights. More than 700 Syrians have received treatment from Israelis in a field hospital in the North.
“The State of Israel and the Jewish people have suffered too much in the past to be indifferent to the suffering of another people today,” Prosor said, scolding the assembly for not joining Israel and a few other countries in providing direct humanitarian aid.
“Generations of Syrians have grown up being taught that Israel is the enemy, but today many have changed their outlook.”
US Ambassador Samantha Power also addressed the General Assembly, calling the recent passage of a humanitarian resolution on Syria in the Security Council “belated” in light of the “unspeakable abuses” happening in Syria and the exponentially rising need.
“Unless and until these important words are implemented, they will remain just words,” Power said. “I urge all countries in the United Nations to use every ounce of leverage they have in pressing the government of Syria… to comply fully and promptly with the resolution.”
Security Council Resolution 2139, approved unanimously on February 22, requires that the Syrian government provide access for humanitarian workers to besieged and war-torn areas.