Protesters hurl eggs at Syria delegation in Cairo

A hundred rally as Syrian opposition figures arrive in Egypt for talks with Arab League sec.-gen. ahead of emergency meeting on Syrian violence.

Member of Syrian opposition egged by demonstrators (photo credit: Reuters)
Member of Syrian opposition egged by demonstrators
(photo credit: Reuters)
CAIRO - About a hundred protesters camped outside the Arab League in Cairo hurled eggs at a delegation of Syrian opposition figures who arrived there for talks on Wednesday, accusing them of working covertly for President Bashar Assad's government.
The four-member delegation was due to meet with Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby as the regional body gears up for an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss the continued military crackdown on protesters in Syria.
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"This delegation is 100 percent fake. They want dialogue for the sake of the regime and its survival," said Syrian protester Amin, who refused to give his full name.
"We hurled eggs at those traitors and they turned away. We do not want negotiations with the Syrian regime. We demand the fall of the regime," he added.
One delegate managed to get past the crowd and into the Arab League building to meet with Elaraby.
More than 60 people have been reported killed by the army and security forces in Syria since Assad's government signed a peace plan sponsored by the League last week, according to United Nations human rights officials.
The Arab plan called for a complete halt to violence, the release of prisoners and a removal of troops from the streets of Syrian cities to allow a national dialogue.
Protesters have held a sit-in for weeks outside the League's Cairo headquarters to demand firmer action against Assad by the region's leaders.