Report: 'Trump will demand Iran exits all of Syria'

London based 'Al-Hayat' claims that the US gave Israel a Carte blanche to attack Iranian presence in Syria in anyway or place it sees fit.

An undated image released on March 21, 2018 by the Israeli military relates to an Israeli air strike on a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor site near Deir al-Zor on Sept 6, 2007 (photo credit: IDF)
An undated image released on March 21, 2018 by the Israeli military relates to an Israeli air strike on a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor site near Deir al-Zor on Sept 6, 2007
(photo credit: IDF)
The new American policy in Syria is to push for Iran to exit from the entire country, reported London-based newspaper 'Al - Hayat'.
According to the report, the Americans will make place this demand during an up-and-coming meeting between U.S President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin currently set for July 15. The report further suggests that the American premise is that Russia would not be interested in paying a heavy cost to keep Iranian presence in Syria.
Once Iran will withdrew from Syria however the United States will be willing to discuss a variety of options. Including a continuation of the Assad regime with him in helm and even returning Syrian territories taken by the opposition factions back into his control. This also means the US had green-lighted Israeli attacks on all forms of Iranian presence in Syria in any form Israel chooses.
"The current administration aims to strangle Iran", an unnamed Western diplomat was quoted in the report.
The unnamed diplomat claimed the US seeks to strengthen the position of Italian-Swedish diplomat Staffan de Mistura who is currently the U.N and Arab league envoy to Syria and promote the upcoming talks in Geneva that might produce a path towards ending the Syrian civil war that has been raging since 2011.
Furthermore, both Russia and the US are determined to disarmed armed militias in South-Syria, with a lot of focus given to the Salafist jihadist organizations the Al-Nusra Front and the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army which is associated with ISIS.
This direction seems to be in line with a recent US decision not to act against Assad for violating the non-escalation agreement signed a year ago by Syria, the US and Jordan.
The Syrian army is currently involved in a Russian backed effort to take control of south Syria, western nations who are members in the U.N Security Council called on Russia to halt the attack on Wednesday.
Around 50,000 Syrians fled their homes during the recent operation in South Syria and Jordan stated that it would not allow them entry as they can not accept any more refugees. 
de Mistura expressed his concern that the operation in south Syria might lead to a large scale urban humanitarian disaster such as in Aleppo, which suffered from fierce clashes during the civil war, and Ghouta where the Assad regime allegedly used chemical weapons against Kurdish forces who were controlling parts of the city.
Asked whether Trump would make any demands of Putin with regards to Iran, a US official told The Jerusalem Post that the contents of the meeting are still under discussion.
"The president is pursuing the July 16th meeting in Helsinki to discuss a range of U.S.-Russia national security issues," said a National Security Council spokesperson.
"The president hopes that it will lead to constructive engagement that improves peace and security around the world. The president believes a better relationship with Russia would be good for both America and Russia, and the president will continue to hold Russia accountable for its malign activities. The president’s priority is to protect the American people and American interests, including those of our allies and partners."
Hagay Hacohen translated this report.