'Saudis hold vulture for being Mossad spy'

Bird found bearing leg bracelet and transmitter tagged with words “Tel Aviv University” detained, Saudi paper says.

Saudi media reported on Tuesday that a vulture tagged with the words, “Tel Aviv University,” had been detained for being a Mossad spy.
A report in the Saudi paper, Al-Weeam, claimed that the vulture, bearing a leg bracelet and transmitter, apparently placed by Israeli bird scientists studying migration patterns, had been found in a rural area of the country.
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The paper said the flight appeared to be “a Zionist plot.”
The report triggered a plethora of posts on Arabic websites, claiming that “Zionists” had trained birds for espionage.
The South Sinai governor last month suggested that a shark that killed a tourist in Sharm e- Sheikh had been intentionally released by the Mossad to sabotage tourism in the area.