Steinitz: Biden won't let Iran get nukes

Boasts of Israel's leadership in energy and water

Conversation with Israel's Energy Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz
Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz, who is close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, expressed confidence on Wednesday that US President-elect Joe Biden will prevent the nuclearization of Iran.
Steinitz was interviewed by Jerusalem Report editor Steve Linde as part of the Wednesday’s Jerusalem Post-Khaleej Times Business Conference.
He recalled meeting with Biden about Iran at the White House when Biden was vice president, and he was minister of strategic affairs. Steinitz raised his reservations about the Iranian nuclear deal at the meeting.
“I am confident that Biden will remain a friend of Israel and will remain committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons,” Steinitz said.
He added that Biden “was always extremely friendly to Israel and is extremely committed” to the security of the Jewish state.
Reaching out to the people of the United Arab Emirates, who were partners in the conference, Steinitz boasted of Israel’s successes in energy and water.
“We have made tremendous progress in solar energy,” he said. “International energy organizations say we are second in the world in producing solar energy from electricity.”
Steinitz said about 9% of Israel’s energy is solar energy. The goal of Steinitz’s ministry is to reach 30% renewable energy, which he said would make Israel No. 1 in the world.
Israel has more technological start-ups than all of Europe together, he said, including hundreds in the field of energy and related issues.
The natural gas of Israel is exported to Jordan and Egypt. A pipeline is being built to export natural gas to Cyprus and then to Europe. Steinitz expressed hope that Chevron will become involved in that project.
Regarding water, Steinitz said Israel desalinates more than 80% of its drinking water, from the Mediterranean Sea and recycles close to 95% of its waste water, which is by far the most of any country.